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While the position is not one popular with libertarians—the only other example that occurs to me is In Our Hands by Charles Murray—it does raise some interesting questions. Matt offers three different arguments. That is probably true, especially if you imagine it replacing not only welfare but all policies, such as the farm program, that are defended as helping poor people. This is not a particularly libertarian argument, but it is essentially the same as one that many libertarians accept in the context of national defense. If you liked the others, you'll like this. If you haven't read the others, this is perfectly enjoyable on its own. The Academy of Science and Technology is long closed, and the only efforts at space exploration are carried on by privately funded foundations. However, physicist Jon Silvestri insists that an abandoned prototype for a much more efficient star drive is workable. Priscilla Hutchins, now a fund-raiser for the Prometheus Foundation, persuades the group to back his research. Soon the Cauldron -the core of the galaxy- is only months away. If you have time between bicycle rides this weekend, here is some recovery time linkage to check out. Captain Bob's Review Gets Props: Captain Bob decided that the writing gig wasn't for him and let me know recently he wanted to bow out. I asked if he could do one last piece on the Misfit Psycles diSSent. So he did it and you can check that out here. Then the Emperor of All Misfit Bicycle Toys declared from his Digital Scroll that Captain Bob "nailed it" when describing the Misfit as being a ferrous impersonator. Now The Emperor has another Misfit that is supposedly a beer can impersonator in steel clothing. Governor Kitzhaber is suggesting that voters turn down the initiative and instead back his plan. He claims that his plan is a conservation-based approach to, in his words, eliminate the “perennial and divisive conflicts” between user groups. In reality, it’s just another political approach to turning the wonderful salmon runs of the Columbia over to sportfishing interests. The true conservation plans are the various Salmon Recovery Plans developed in Oregon and Washington with public input and stakeholder involvement over a period of several years, and accepted by the National Marine Fisheries Service. Governor Kitzhaber's proposal should have similar vetting, rather than proposing a rush to rulemaking over a couple of months. An Environmental Impact Statement also seems like a reasonable requirement for such a massive change in where and how fisheries will take place. Focus Features released the official Maps To The Stars US Poster. And a new still with Rob and MiaSource/Via. LINK What a kind of gif. Anyone can help with the manga/anime serie?. Who needs vents anyway with a visor like that, ha.

It will be loud at high speeds but this is a nice looking helmet with a good price.

Here's a review from Motolegends TV .

Those numbers can be found in the hospitals' latest tax filings and other public records.

The pattern was more lopsided in the two prior years. The state gives the nonprofits a break on their business taxes to help reduce the cost of health care. The hospitals have to jump through some hoops to qualify for the reduced taxes. For one thing, state law limits how much the hospitals can pay their executives. The Virtual Revolution. There are four one hour episodes of this program. Go to the YouTube channel where you find all episodes: Youtube channel The Virtual Revolutionyou can also check out the website The Virtual Revolution for more information. wmvGo to The Virtual Revolution for more episodes.

We are looking for help with the funding for Hunter's Moon Festival.

Please check out our fundit campaign here - there are some great rewards for donations to the festival! You can view our ridiculous plea for help through puppetry above!. I took another woodcarving class. This one is different. Two pieces of bark are glued together and then you carve. When you have it roughed in. you heat the piece up to soften the hot glue and take it apart. do your windows etc. and then glue it together again and finish it up. GQ MagazineYou can check out more of Elizabeth's GQ shoot here and here!. Dreamed of a giant tree trunk, dead and with no branches, so huge that it had a bayou in the hollow at the top of the trunk, with trees and fallen logs and a fishing shack on stilts and everything, like a swimming pool on a skyscraper rooftop only with Spanish moss and cypress trunks and a couple of little gators instead of a jacuzzi and cabana boys. How the gators got to a bayou hundreds of feet in the air is something of a mystery, now that I think about it. Anyway the fallen tree trunks floating around up there were all precariously balanced and these two Marine snipers in ghillie suits were climbing around in them looking for a place to set up a hide, setting the whole mass to bobbing and creaking precariously and getting my acrophobia all spun up, so I went in the little fishing shack. And then I woke up. According to M. Sustainable development ties together concern for the carrying capacity of natural systems with the social, political, and economic challenges faced by humanity. They saw each other many times during the weekand he told her if she ever came to Chicago, to be sure and look him up. It so happened that in about three months she was in Chicago and went to Swift & Co. to look for Mr. Gartell. When asking at the personnel office for him,she was told that they had five men with that name, and did she know his first name. She said no. So the personnel man said maybe he could help her anyway. "Was he tall or short?" "He was tall. " "Well, that lets out two of these men. Was he fat or slim?" "He was slim. Our Spring play was Seussical, Jr the Musical. It was so so cute and fun! Firstborn tried out and got the part of a bird back-up singer for Mayzie, the bird who took off for Miami and left poor Horton the Elephant to sit on her egg. Miss Middler didn't get to try out because she is not yet in Secondary. To her absolute joy, the director began recruiting some younger kids to fill in as Whos, and she landed a part! Here's Firstborn.

She was to be a bit sassy, and she was.

It was a wonderful play, and the entire cast did a super job! This director is one special gal.

She pours her heart into everything she does, loves on our kids, and has been a real encouragement to me. She's from Middle Tennessee, what else should I expect? My daughter is going to kill me when she reads this blog post. Har har. Gotcha. I am super proud of them. They practiced every Tuesday afternoon, cheerfully gave up their school holiday to do an all-day drama workshop, learned all their songs and lines, and performed a super show! Cutest Who and Bird I've ever seen!. . In the evening you and your guest will attend the EES’ private view of the amazing 'Book of the Dead' exhibition at the British Museum, followed by dinner with Dr David Jeffreys of University College London, an eminent EES field director with many years of experience working in Egypt and many fascinating stories to tell. Having a medical team I really believe in: Over the past decade dealing with first cancer and then infertility, I've unfortunately had more doctors than I would like to count. But a few of them, including my oncologist and my current RE, are much more than fine, they are really amazing. And I am just so very grateful for this.

No one wants to be sick or to go through any of these difficulties.

But when you do have to, it makes it so much easier when you have a doctor who is accessible to you, who listens to you with respect, and who truly treats you as a person underneath the diagnosis. In these two important physician relationships, I have found two people who are able to see me in the middle of all of the medical. And for that I am very appreciative. After cutting these strips, there is almost always a tiny strip left over. This is what happens when you save all of those tiny strips, and throw other leftover strips into the mix. What a mess! And this is only one bag. If I told you how many bags are stashed in my play room, I'm sure there would be an intervention. I began sorting the strings and strips and ended up with a manageable pile of pieces that I thought looked good together. After a few minutes of "no rules" sewing, I ended up with these. It was actually quite fun. If you're interested, I'll be happy to do a tutorial showing how the blocks are constructed. Hope you're having a great weekend! Kim. As you probably know, there have been several stories involving some sort of disagreement between Church authorities and some of our religious sisters. e. , the office in Rome that seeks to ensure that those charged with teaching the faith, do so faithfully. So what's this about? To put it simply, some of the decisions and statements of the LCWR have, over the years, sure seemed to deviate from what we believe as Catholics. The CDF folks have cited a number of concerns, such as speakers at public events, statements about "moving beyond" the Church, and other ways that Church teaching and practice have been contradicted or called into question. Now, of course, if the folks at the LCWR believe that's not true, they have been invited to respond. The Prophet Isaiah describes a future Jerusalem,as a place of great abundance and joy. Wealth of fellowship in the Lord. Abundance of the Holy Spirit,poured out from our wounded God on the Cross,into our own, wounded lives. Where do we find this?Here! In the life we share together as Catholics,united around the Cross, around the altar,where we are nourished abundantlyfrom the Flesh and Blood of Jesus Christ. That abundance is right here, all the time. I'm not politically correct in this feature, so go ahead, judge me. " Wedding is such a sham! I've been having a rather bad week because I can't sleep well as my mind is still very active at night. I attribute it entirely to the stress of settling matters pertaining to the wedding preparation. There's a thousand and one thing to arrange and tie up with others and a million others to call up and wait for their reply before you can proceed on. It's really such a hassle! I have no romantic views on wedding and as far as I'm concerned, the marriage is more important than the wedding. Is there a difference between marriage and wedding? I don't know if there's an official one, but I am going to make a distinction between marriage and wedding. Yesterday was also a good day for producing this. The disclosure further allays fears voiced by some doctors and health campaigners that “vaping” could attract non-smokers who then get hooked on traditional cigarettes containing nicotine. Did you see this card and wondered how I did it? Get your Big Shot out and lets get Started!I used the Perfect Polka Dot and Framed Tulips embossing folders. I added a little more embossing to create a wedding card at the end of this post. this is the perfect polka dot folder. Place your chipboard on top of the embossing folder. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so we're celebrating survivors like #HodaKotb, #SherylCrow, #MelissaEtheridge and #OliviaNewtonJohn. Show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month by double-tapping this photo. For the record, I think the NT teaches the rite of water baptism.

I'm not opposed to that.

Greetings - As soon as I was contacted by LDCQ to be one of this year's window designers. my mind began to race. As soon as they told me that this year's theme was "Where Muses Dwell". Amazing Sweater from Rugby.

Greetings, I was kinda in recovery-mode after my trip to Little Rock this week to speak at Tobi Fairly's amazing Design Camp "A to Z" yesterday .

so I basically spent almost the entire day curled up in bed. Check out this short sci-fi shocker about a murderous mission to Mars. Reese provides a slick and moody art job for Jack Oleck's "Message From Beyond"! Check it out!. Alrighty then, time to end that weekend fling, that temporary dalliance. You know what we're talking about. We didn't roll it out last week, because it was a short week, and this baby needs a full week of adoring consumption. For your dining pleasure, may we introduce The Moroccan Merguez Burger. A beautiful patty of spicy Moroccan merguez served with a Harissa Goat Cheese Yogurt & Roasted Red Pepper Relish on your choice of Balthazar bun. My my my. I'm taking bets that those that have one, will be back for another before the week is out. The weather is telling us its Soup Time. Not to brag, but we make some really really good soups. For further information on these Scams, please Read . This is the only known photograph of Roper with his motorcycle. Roper was the original biker, and original 'steampunk!' When Sylvester H. But it was Roper who was motorcycling’s first speed demon, and its first martyr. Roper’s steam cycle had a reputation around Boston as the fastest thing on wheels, being able to “climb any hill and outrun any horse”, as he stated. Fuchs and Dr. Emanuel to fix the current health care mess with a voucher system. In his first of a promised two part series DrRich begins to dissect the concepts underlying the Emanuel-Fuchs proposal. As usual insight-filled stuff. As a physician and occasionally as a patient I have seen both sides of the "there-really is-a free lunch" thought process. There is no end to profligate spending if you are spending or even think you are spending "some one else's money". .