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By April D.

ByrdFor Harriet, Founder/Editor: Kim Foster By now you've probably heard the issue with Donald Sterling making headlines all over the news. The "former" owner of the L. A. Clippers NBA team didn't want his bi-racial girlfriend to bring other Black people to any of the basketball games. In ode to the remarks made on tape, the team decided to make a statement of their own by turning their shirts inside out in shame of the owners brand. hey guys. I will add you to the list.

I will never share your email address with anyone without your permission.

Nice work, Tom. Now for the next one. He said that it is worrisome that the people who supposed to be at the vanguard of enforcing the law through exemplary behaviour, are the core offenders, and wondered how much a society would survive where law enforcement agents are those breaking the law they are employed to protect. Britney has really gone off the deep end. It's actually not so funny anymore. She's getting into Anna Nichol territory. I don't know if anyone has thought of this or not but maybe she should move out of Los Angeles. If she lived in say, Boring Iowa, she may be less likely to be in all this trouble. I know it's not as exciting as Hollywood but it may be better for her head. I made these images a few years ago when Ironman was about to open in theaters. Can you believe that this is the very first take of me doing that song? Just. So. Incredible. L'immediato intervento non ha consentito l'allargarsi delle fiamme. While the New York Rangers were ruining Saturday night for their fans, the Ranger prospects were playing in some very entertaining games. Still tonight our first star is going to not a prospect but rather some fans. In Portland, the bears that are collected are donated to various children's charities like hospitals and foster care homes. In addition some of the bears this year will find their way overseas to several of our troops stationed overseas. I love this peek into the home of food/travel blogger extraordinaire Bea of La Tartine Gourmande. So bright and colorful. More photos on Bea's Flickr photostream. People who read the newsletter have been asking about the Lovebird Lane Quilt or the English Garden Quilt.

When I stopped in at the Attic Window Quilt Shop today to take advantage of their BIG SALE, I found that the quilts were on display so I took pictures for you.

This is the first block of the Lovebird Lane BOM.

This BOM features five birdhouse themed blocks, using the Marywood line of beautiful “Wild Rose” fabrics.

If you have done some of the other Quilt Co. BOM’s you will love this one. These Lovebirds are doing all the things you Love to do, from “Quilters Re-tweet” to eating “Sweet Tweets. Above is the full English Garden quilt. To the blog readers:With another year upon us I thought a constructive thing to do would be to conduct a readers poll of which Jess Franco titles they most want on DVD. The titles are listed on the sidebar to the left. You may have to page down a bit. You can vote for more than one film. Here's a way to possibly have a say in what may appear in the future.

I may add a few more titles as we go along.

Happy Easter and Passover. It was wonderful seeing the children all dressed up this morning at church. Only a few chocolate smudges could be detected though the toddler in the row in front of me showed me the inside of her little pocketbook - she had filled it with jellybeans and other sweets. darkroastedblend. acidcow. You may have worked out by now what my stance on the EU referendum is, but if not watch this because I think it's really very good. Toby Young presents the democratic case for leaving the EU. You can also read the transcript here to pull out quotes. Like most kids, we saw it as a great treat. I remember getting a burger, fries and a coke for under a dollar. I remember getting $. As I got older, it was that it was quick and cheap. Now, I go only when I have too. Happy Sunday everyone. I'm so excited to show you this week's stamp of the week - love without limits. This is such a sweet image, easily used for an encouragement card.

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It's pretty bold, but I had a lot of fun making it.

I am a huge animal lover so the Art Impressions ZOO CREW is a favorite line of mine. InLinkz.

CARRERA MARBLE is just fabulous and when people have balls enough to put it on their kitchen countertops, its flipping fantastic! now, i know that y'all are out there thinking "marble on countertops, is she crazy!" maybe i am, but granite is overused and in my opinion, out.

europeans have been using marble on countertops for hundreds of years and i think its about time for us americans to take some lessons. now if you are adventurous enough to take the step of putting marble in the kitchen, i suggest going a little further and making it honed. when you hone a solid surface, it takes the shine out of it. you will love the look of this beautiful countertop and if you had a bad day at work and need to drink a couple of bottles of wine, don't worry about it when you spill that last glass while dancing to Fergie's latest hit. with proper cleaning and a little less "anal" attitude, your marble will be fine and over time will have a beautiful patina look. With Thanksgiving around the corner, here are some things my class is thankful for: What are YOU thankful for? HAPPY THANKSGIVING!. In most election campaigns there is at least one moment of supreme humour. Such was the case yesterday as Donald Trump showed why he is a billionaire and the 'media hacks' are mediocre morons. This morning,Trump tweeted "I am now going to the brand new Trump International, Hotel D. C. for a major statement. Instead they broadcast live, to millions of viewers, one after another senior military officers, praising the soon to be President Trump. Millions of dollars worth of TV time and Trump didn't have to pay a penny. Andrew Little should ask John Key this question in parliament: "Will the exemption under National's Capital Gains Tax apply if the sellers main home is a family home owned by a trust"? The exemption in the policy is for "the sellers main home". That does not say "the sellers family home". And the three exemptions mentioned in the policy do not include a trust. I cant believe I am typing another baby name post. I remember when I did this with Trevor and I am so thankful to be stressing about choosing another perfect name for a perfect angel. I'm not sure if we will keep the name a secret once decided. We really loved doing that with T and I think we will try. Our girl name options. Hadley-the name we had for Trevor before we found out he was a boy! Still Daddy's favorite. It has grown in popularity lately due to a character in a book. This is a small block, so it did not take long to stitch. blogspot. co. quelquefois. "Many surgeons had noticed that more women were requesting double mastectomy for treatment of the cancer in only one breast. So, we weren't surprised by the overall trend, but we were very surprised by the magnitude," lead author Dr. Todd M. Tuttle said in an interview with Reuters Health. What is driving this trend will require further studies, added Tuttle, from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. Channel/Groin: Waves are hip high. Patch: Breaking far out around knee high. NEWS: January is Customer Appreciation Month and there are only a few days left in the month to shop for great deals. We have new locally shaped Hand Planes in the shop made from recycled skateboards. Pair it with a set of Churchill fins and you will always have a smile on your face after your session. BY BARBARA A.

I think of Trump now as a celebrity.

He is best known as a TV star, not a builder. They call him a developer, but mostly he just licenses his name. He no longer gets involved in looking at plans or talking to contractors as he did in my day. When I worked for Donald, especially in the early days, you could just walk into his office. My name is Kris and I am an avid DIYer who enjoys improving my home inside and out. I always wanted to build a vegetable garden, but never got around to it. It wasn't until my daughter turned three last year, that I thought now is the time. We planted corn, snow peas, squash, and cucumbers in that little bed.

We also planted watermelons, cowpeas, pumpkins, and bush beans in other areas of our yard.

Like all gardens, some things did great and some did not, but we learned a lot last year and it was a great experience teaching my daughter about gardening. Here are a few pics of our garden from last year. - It looked like both Kent Desormeaux on Premium Tap, and Fernando Jara on Invasor, were peeking back for Discreet Cat before both riders started urging their mounts more energetically about halfway down the long stretch run. He was still sitting chilly after Desormeaux had started to go to work, and after a few right-handed smacks he was past. He's a freak," said Desormeaux. Jara said: "It was a little tough in the end but I had a good horse that exploded. At this point, it's hard to imagine any horse in the world beating him, and that includes Discreet Cat, throat abscess or not. Reporter Richard Edmondson of the UK's Guardian, writing before it was disclosed that Discreet Cat had a problem, wrote: Invasor was first and the Cat was last and never again must we place the value of potential above proven performance. We actually got a decent day.

Overcast, but no rain.

Suppose to be nicer tomorrow, and then back to several days of rain. I got some yard maintenance done and did some shopping. Several things I could not find down here since moving down nine years ago. One of them, gnocchi. The supermarket up north had them in the freezer section. I finally found them down here. Vacuum packed in the pasta aisle. Use to buy them in the freezer section. May cook some up tomorrow. .