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I am turning it into a high tech book shelf. I just need to get the covers for the back. To be able to move the old system around we removed all of the old cards and piled them in the corner. I will be selling some of them on EBay soon. Skipping Christmas is a short, funny novel by John Grisham. I had thought I'd be the last person left who hadn't read a Grisham novel, and I'm not actually sure this one counts since it's so different from what I usually hear about. This is a fun and quick read, perfect for a light-hearted holiday distraction. In this book, a middle-aged couple send their only child off to a post-graduate school stint in Peru to serve in the Peace Corps. from the dust jacket:Imagine a year without Christmas. No crowded malls, no corny office parties, no fruitcakes, no unwanted presents. That's just what Luther and Nora Krank have in mind when they decide that, just this once, they'll skip the holiday altogether. It was apparently quite controversial in its day, showing too much of Jane Russell to get past the censors. TCM has an overview. Eagle/Star/Rattlesnake petroglyph, from West Mesa, Albuquerque, N. M. This idea is taken further by one of my favorite petroglyphs from West Mesa at Albuquerque. When I was doing the research for this homily, I came across a story that I think fits in quite well with this morning's Gospel reading, so I'd like to share it with you.

It might also serve as a warning to those of us who preach sermons!An elderly minister was searching in his closet for his collar one Sunday morning before church.

He asked his wife if she knew anything about the box. The minister asked "Why".

She replied, "Every time I heard you preach a bad sermon, I put an egg in the box".

Background As we noted yesterday, the CareFusion settlement seemed routine when it was first briefly reported in the media. Then Modern Healthcare published a series of articles about its ramifications, the latest appearing today. " However it does not ban members with conflicts, nor require public disclosure of conflicts. Thus NQF appears to have its own institutional conflicts of interest. g. Those who see such research primarily as a marketing opportunity tend to be offended by the notion of rigorous, unbiased research that may not be so easily turned to marketing purposes. Since I, like the other current Health Care Renewal bloggers, am based in the US, we tend to focus on local examples. But it turns out that the American malady described above has spread to Germany.

courtesy of mingpao.

"Three people were arrested after Spartanburg County Deputies say they shot at a car with two people inside early Friday morning. Jones was also charged with failure to stop for blue lights, reckless driving, and driving without insurance. ". I’ll post a photo next week, but for now I’m keeping busy by writing another revised artist’s statement. I am interested in the occult, and I use that word in keeping with its original meaning: the hidden. This involves tracing the correspondences between various archetypes, symbolic or otherwise, and pointing out these connections using irony and paradox. I would define this not as a question of faith, but as a process to be judged by evident facts. Just as a joke is either funny or not, so the art will be judged on whether or not it works effectively. For this strategy to be a successful one, I prefer to work with the simplest of means, or to use a set of ‘givens’ that will dictate the form of each individual piece. There won’t be any illusions, and no smoke-and-mirror tricks to the presentation. If there is to be any magic, the magic will be elsewhere, not residing in the object itself. Each decision is suggested by previous moves on the way to the pure articulation of an idea. “Ella” was a little nervous, but fascinated with Deputy John McGee’s motorcycle on Stock Island this week. Perhaps she will one day take up the reins of motorcycle deputy with the Sheriff’s Office! Go Ella!. A Tennessee man faces identity theft charges after an extensive investigation revealed he’d stolen a local man’s identity. He said someone obtained access to his personal email account and obtained sensitive personal information from that account, including access to his financial accounts, his social security number and other identifying information. The charge was stopped by their fraud department before it was posted. The application gave an address in Memphis Tennessee, a Tennessee driver’s license number and a phone number that did not belong to the victim. We headed out on our adventure…first you have to get out of Minnesota. We chose a different travel path.

OH I hate the traffic through Minneapolis/St.

Paul. At one time my Map Reader and the Garmin were at odds and I have no idea where we were except there were lots of lanes of traffic and I was on some road that I should never have encountered. All was well…we only went an hour out of our way. We have both been as far south and east in Minnesota as Red Wing…neither of us had been further south than that along the Mississippi River. Minnesota Bluff country! We were a little late for the leaves…but they must have been beautiful! We have some friends who are thinking of moving to Lake City and I can see why…such a pretty area but real touristy in the summer.

We knew that we were early to see the Bald Eagles on the river, but we stopped anyway.

I have been informed about rocket-propelled grenades or RPGs. ‎. Within the past week we have received some brand new items from ERTL - and we all know that you really can't go wrong with an ERTL item. Le guide turistiche dell’Associazione Guide Turistiche Eolie Messina Taormina, nell’ambito del progetto “Scopri Milazzo”, si sono incontrate per prendersi cura del Castello con un’azione di pulizia straordinaria. Le Guide turistiche, protagoniste di “Scopri Milazzo” hanno voluto ringraziare l’ass. Simmonite. Breezy with good light but chilly with not much warmth from the sun. So how funny is it that on Halloween that the bizarre story known as the CHLPA took an even stranger turn when several reports out of Canada are reporting that "Derek Clarke" who has been the somewhat public face behind the CHLPA may not be who he claims to be. Starting with a report from TSN's Dave Naylor where Naylor alleges that the Derek Clarke is not who he claims to be. Later on Laraque denied that the images were Lumbley/Clarke and that Clarke would clear up things on Thursday. Send in the Sondheim analogies. This morning's newspaper reports two related tragedies. The first is that the clown population is declining. Not simply in The States, where the memorial service for humor and wit was held long ago, but in the entire world. Or so I thought. It turns out that the World Clown Association is the largest trade association for American clowns. So, it is a world association in the same sense that the world series is. Hey boys. I added one new pic of Oliver Marach to the brflines site. It's a pretty good one, don't you agree?Cheers!. So after my Goodwill excursion, I decided to keep going. For someone who gets all flustered at Ross & Big Lots, this store almost threw me over the edge. Amy came home last night. All my chicks are back in the nest. I am a happy woman.


Here are a few beautiful things that I've seen around blogland this week. You have to go see this bedroom makeover for a beautiful young lady at House of Whimsy. The wall treatment is absolutely stunning and everything else about it is perfect, perfect, perfect! Here's another wonderful room makeover from Amanda at The Eck Life. I have always wanted a beautiful laundry room and her's is spectacular! The paint, the fabric, the decorations. Love it! And she didn't spend a ton of money. That's the best part. And a furniture rehab project from Tausha at The Hoyt's House. You know I can't resist a good spray paint project and this one is great.

I am pleased with this card, it was a bit of an experiment! I printed a full length number one in word and used it as a template leaving the card joins at the top and bottom of the one.

I then covered it in patterned paper and added some wording using stickers The little teddy is a go kreate die and when you cut them in grey they look like little me-to-you bears!! Teddys hat is from a pack of K & Co Embellishments but fits well! Hope you like it Hugs Lisa xXx. Things have been going great for us.

A rental property that we own back in Idaho is currently under contract and that makes me happy.

We went to a wonderful block party in our new neighborhood this past Sunday and met many of our new neighbors. So why am I a bit depressed? So much has happened so fast in our lives recently. As much as I love to decorate, I still need more. Your weekly dose of Spurgeonposted by Phil JohnsonThe PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from The Spurgeon Archive. he very persons who talk most about being liberal in their views are generally the greatest persecutors. The past week has been a mix of tranquility, visitors and grandchildren, and now here we are, ready to begin a new year. I'm looking forward to a few weeks of rest now and then I'll be out, touring around and meeting people with my last book. While I rest after one of my busiest years, I'll be getting back to regular baking, making soap, slowing my mind with hand stitching and working to a routine sometimes and my natural rhythm at others. Life will pass slowly, I'll garden, fuss about, take my time, write, think, sit in the back yard, make scones with buttermilk, pour tea from a pot and get to know life again without the constant need to write. Writing has been part of my life since I was a teenager and while I think I'm ready to let it go, Hanno is doubtful. At the start of this new year, I'm not going to think about resolutions. Instead I'll be living with the clear intention of enjoying every day. I'll follow my heart, work with the seasons and my inclinations and appreciate my work and home life in the slowest of slow lanes. ABQ, NM. …you sure as heck can return to a sale you saw the day before! And if you’re lucky, the thing you went back for will still be there. Was it? Stay tuned…Two days of garaging, one alone, the other with my husband. Of course it always seems to be the case that the folks you enjoy talking to the most don’t have anything you want to buy. You know the kind of house I mean, with the steep-pitched roof, and the arched doorway, something like this: Found this pic on an article about Sears kit houses, and actually their house might have been one. ” It was, unsurprisingly, terrible. Startlingly, this consensus seems to closely reflect many of Friedman’s personal policy preferences. ” His “radical center” phase, though, seems to be inspired by the Tea Party era. They’re as predictable as the tides, or a hackneyed lede about a conversation with a taxi driver or tech entrepreneur.

While they were reaching their very personal pinnacle of perfection in animation, the Fleischers all of a sudden came out with "My Pop, My Pop".

Watching a few shots from it I suppose you'll share my thought that it seems like these drawings were made by non professional animators, fugitives from Van Beuren. See Youse,Duck Dodgers. Here's another one done with Popcorn. This is the second tessellation quilt that Marty made. I used the Popcorn pantograph, PermaCore White thread and Soft n Crafty Poly batting. After I finished, I sewed on the binding of the Watermelon hearts and then started the hand stitching while watching a new TV program, "Fear Itself" What a strange show that was, but I watched the entire hour. It reminded me of the movie The Stepford Wives.

This past past week we participated in the Nielson Ratings Survey.

We have a booklet by each TV and must log who, what and when we watch. The one in the spare bedroom hasn't been used this week. Land of the Lost on NBC. C. The Head Chef is an official defection from the Belmont Stakes due to the increased security. Looked like coolers were getting more scrutiny than usual. I hope NYRA has a plan in mind, and that they're planning to hire a LOT of extra personnel to handle the crush.

After Lunch: May be I should write something.

May be write a blog. nopes not this. .