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A board informs the visitor of the project, and I thought it was worth reproducing some of the text. "Local residents and a host of volunteers worked tirelessly to help replant her Gold award winning garden 'A Stitch in Time' in St John’s Gardens in the heart of Manchester. With a focus on providing a respite for urban dwellers, the garden is a green oasis. It offers an escape from the hectic surroundings of the city, with handcrafted benches inviting a moment to relax. The oak benches, made to look like apple cores, will weather naturally over the years. The drainage channels are aimed to reflect a dried up river bed, while abundant planting includes many edible species. Jay Leno will lead thousands of riders from Harley-Davidson of Glendale, CA, to Lake Castaic. Once there, rocking the main stage is multi-platinum eleven-time Grammy winning musical act, Foo Fighters. Fronted by avid Harley-Davidson enthusiast, Dave Grohl, the band will be joined by a line-up of very special guests curated for this event. With an expected sell-out, fans are encouraged to secure tickets soon. Tickets go on sale today exclusively at . Both from their peaks years ago, to their peak this year.

And on closer inspection.

From the youtube channel of Barbara Shupe: Hello everybody! This week we have some interesting Bigfoot type experiences to share with you. First, I'll tell you about some sounds that were heard up the creek and an unusual smell at the cabin. Then we see some interesting findings, maybe bigfoot related, maybe not. But what is really cool, are the vocalizations, possible owl mimicking, along with Gabby's reaction and possible "interaction" caught on camera. I've received a torrent of mail about the study recently published in NATURE which claims that eating a "high fat diet" damages beta cells and causes diabetes. And, I have also written at length about the problem of confusing rodent diabetes with human diabetes. Folks, wake up.

This was a rodent study! In every case, the "high fat diet" used in rodent studies is the rodent equivalent of eating a burger with fries and a milkshake.

I. Kathy Yuen takes a dive onto the paddingChrissie Chau is shaken after witnessing her on screen friend's car crash courtesy of on. In the story Chau Sau Na and Tong Yi argued, Tong Yi ran into the road in a rage and ran into a car! Although during the shoot Tong Yi was only performing the reaction from being hit, she was still very realistic and professional as she faceplanted onto the padding. Chau Sau Na screamed and looked frightened. Tong Yi was not working on her first car crash so she knew to protect her neck and back. She was also mentally prepared so she was done after five or six takes.

She said, "I wasn't hurt, the team took great care of me.

After each dive I had ten people to help me up!" Chau Sau Na said, "My heart jumped out of my heart! Although I didn't really see a car hit her, I felt the impact from seeing her fall!" She also said that during the shoot the most difficult was to control her emotions and act at the same time!. Earlier in a film industry and street poll, most supported Ah Sa. Ah Sa thanked everyone for their support, but Zhao Wei cannot lose in terms of acting. Earlier she said that she could bet on winning this Best Actress award. Foul language is not acting, but being able to break through the existing image and getting into the character is acting! Aside from Ah Sa's line "I let you X me!" and bed scenes in SARA, she received the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress nomination because of her performance that exceeded herself. However, in terms of layers, Ah Sa was long ago considered exceeding her reach in her challenge of DEAREST's Zhao Wei. What chance of winning did Ah Sa feel she had? She admitted, "Honestly I don't really dare to think about it, hahaha, it's not that I am not confident in myself, I have a lot of confidence in the entire film. After months of fruitless overtures, I was utterly defeated. Rich doyennes are suspicious of people’s motives. Perhaps they feared I was scheming for their jewels. m. m. m. The group of runners will be stopping to meet and greet Monroe County School children and Special Olympics athletes. I was busy extracting honey today. Nearly done! Things are starting to wind down in my garden, and the leaves are already turning on many trees. Our black walnuts are dropping yellow leaves all over the yard. Sigh. Here are some macro shots from the other day. A bumblebee enjoying cosmos. We are thawing out. The walk is clearing up bit by icy bit. The rain followed by heavy snow twice since Christmas did a real number on the walkway. The snow slid down Far Guys garage yesterday…it was a slow slide and it continued all day. It may be gone overnight. The great sort continues, this time to old files…. Years before he had been assigned a number during the Vietnam Lottery. The letter came in the mail and his Mother cried. I was stunned but indifferent…it is what it is. He would pass the physical and be drafted into the Army which meant he would end up on the ground in Vietnam. Unless the Air Force would take him…they did and he was to be trained as a Non Destructive Inspection Specialist after Basic Training at Lackland AFB Texas. Well he went to Texas alright but instead of heading for Chanute AFB in Illinois he was headed for Lowry Field in Denver Colorado. ED. If I told someone that I was wanting do something as a writer for the Blueshirt Bulletin then I had very little trouble opening doors anywhere in North America. But if I tried just about anything back then saying I was blogging at Prospect Park then doors would slam not just be shut in my face. A mass murderer would have an easier time gaining access back then a blogger does. I bring this up because sadly an independent blogger still has a lot of trouble gaining credentials and well as credibility in the writing world. Do you know that Brandon Dubinsky has been mentioned in trade rumors since the first time he stepped on the ice as a Ranger? Yet nobody has a good rumor that Wade Redden is going to be traded and that is the one who we want to see go. Right now the really good rumors is that Marc Staal is going to be traded if he is not signed by opening night. Knotty Girls Stitching Bee met last week at the Attic Window Quilt Shop and I have some great projects to show you. Above is this awesome tote bag that Judy made. Judy does some fantastic stitching and you can see more of it on her blog here. This is a close up of one side of Judy’s bag. Above is the table topper that Judy was working on. This is a close up of one of the flowers. I can’t imagine doing all that intricate stitching. It is beautiful! Who doesn’t love wool? This lovely table topper was made by Fran. She said the pattern is from Primitive Gatherings. I hear this horrible crashing and bashing from the Goober's room. Only the Goober is in the living room with me. So I go to investigate, and what do I find?Actually, when I first walked in the room, it was the cat's butt sticking out, not her face. Remember? From this photo?You can see the flower and the edge of the window above the Goober's head, and get an idea of placement. This cat's jumping is more accurate than a rocket launch.

Now I will be able to share the joy of SekhmetYouFucker with the neighbors.

One of my favorite things about summer dresses is that they are so easily dressed up or down. For me, a simple shoe change makes all the difference! the brands… dress: Go Jane. purse: Ivanka Trump. heels: Steve Madden. flats: JCP. Besides hair the baby has also been working on developing the lungs and just starting to practice some breathing! Also happening this week is the development of tiny blood vessels right under the skin. . Sure glad I stopped by a local estate sale this weekend. There were several quilts and loads of sewing things! Unfortunately I wasn't feeling well so I just bought two and got home. I am happy with what I got though! They were made by Mattie Clemons, a local Augusta woman. She primarily was a seamstress but she did make some quilts.

This quilts checks all the "Southern Quilt" boxes - liberated/random pieced, large or primitive quilting stitches for the elbow/baptist fans, and used a variety of fabrics.

I love the back on this one. Now I'm back. No homily for this weekend, sorry. pricklylegs. a little reminder: January Jones wants you to know it's just a tv show, Mad Men Calendar Girl- JANUARY JONES gets real. see the pictures& read January's reality hereTerry Richardsonphotographer for GQ. Well, there were the two times I tried to order it offa GEMM.

Another time, I thought I found a copy, but the vendor said that the title was no longer in stock.

All because of a little boohooin' about how I never found a copy of the thing!Was it worth the wait? Well, the LP definitely sounds like a "grunge"-era artifact. Following the news that Val Adams was beaten in Rio by one, rather out of context impressive throw that came after the U. S. Bradley Wiggins who in his book claimed "he never used needles" was another chosen one allowed to use an otherwise dodgy enhancing substance for his "asthma". Now harsh maybe but either a drug enhances performance or it dosn't, having a smart team of enablers to gain advantage is wrong. If an athlete's state of health requires the use of a drug that others are denied due to performance enhancement possibilities then it is a simple choice. Either all can access that substance without recourse to manipulation or it is banned, anything otherwise is plain nonsense. On the football side of Topps, rookie cards were seldom made for the player's actual rookie year. So making Cards That Never Were of the NFL Rookies of the year is kinda like shooting fish in a barrel. Boyd Dowler was used primarily as a quarterback in a single wing formation at Colorado. The formation they used would be similar to a wildcat formation today. Olivia Newton-John en sexy Sandy ! La pose est assez amusante. ça sera la photo du mois !. Darlings, here are a few of the beauty products that CC is currently smitten with. Hanae Mori Butterfly Eau de Toilette, at nordstrom. John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo and Conditioner, at johnfrieda. This is the second post of the day. Be sure to scroll down to see the beautiful project that Linda has made for us today. Thank you so much for hopping along with us along with our friends from the CardMaker Blog this month on the Really Reasonable Ribbon's Ramblings Blog Hop. You can find the sale codes HERE. It looks like mint chocolate chip is the most favored flavor along with some vanilla purists. Adam HeadlandUnidentifiedNeil Hill, gym owner, trainer, and nutritionist. .