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I began to respond, and then decided that this needed a post all its own. I don't think that's necessarily the truth. No Knocks increase the likelihood of our being shot at. What about the innocents and those maybe not-innocent-but-not-deserving-of-being-shot? Shouldn't we protect their lives? If we lay it out that way, I think that the average cop will agree that No Knock Warrants have by and large had their day. The vast, vast vast majority of cops do not serve No-Knock Warrants. I've never even been asked to do so. So if anybody happens to stop by "Tracy's Creative Corner" and you happen to know a little bit about creating cool headers, please please give me some tips. Or if you have a website that tells you how to do it, hook a girl a up! I hate my header. I want flashy and fancy and fun! Toodles. - FTW. The last time I was in Spin Street The Younger Son found the Sabata trilogy set for less than Sabata alone usually costs, so I picked it up. " Fistful of Pasta says, "If you're looking for a concoction of tongue-in-cheek humor and violent action, Sabata may well be the movie you're looking for: they don't get much better than this. " One SpaghettiWestern. Sabata is a prime example of such an entity. Another reviewer at SpaghettiWestern. Watch: Dr. Strange trailer looks amazing Here are some fascinating stories from MuldersWorld. From the youtube channel of the Trail To Bigfoot team: We finally got the human-type face shot! After we heard the vocals we stopped dead in our tracks. I've been telling folks there's a human-type out there. The human looking face with the hooded nose is visible. Howdy! How is your week going? Bill and I are busy working on our new floor - we've been doing a little each night and the end is most definitely in sight.

Its a good thing! Today I am here to share my card for this week's Viva la Verve sketch challenge.

Did you have a chance to check out the new VLV Blog? Do you just love it? Here is this week's sketch, from Diva Teresa Kline: And here is the card that I created, using the Verve sets Borderline and Better With You: Its the perfect time to start stocking up on a few Valentines. Venus admitted that she did not need to ask her boyfriend Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung's opinion about being sexy. "He isn't in Hong Kong, he hasn't even sent a message of encouragement to me. " Rather, they are a collection of activities and initiatives that need to happen simulanteosly, in a coordinated approach that is consistent with firm culture, size, and existing program status. James, CRM, Firm Records Manager, Troutman Sanders LLP Doug Smith, Business Solutions Manager, Wiley Rein LLP Carolyn Casey, Esq. When she looks at me and smiles, it’s a small victory. When she moves her bowels, there's much rejoicing.

When her condition remains stable for weeks on end, we relax.

And when we're vigilant, we can lose sight of ourselves. It’s sometimes a tender dance to weigh the good with the bad, the backward movement with the forward momentum, and the feelings that arise when a patient’s condition seems to be going south. But I'm not getting one. There isn't a bakery in Abbotsford that makes a decent croissant! In Montreal, we got beautiful "pain au chocolat" at the local convenience store, but here? The bakeries blow chunks. I don't deny that you are sure to find wonderful baking in Vancouver, but not out here in the sticks. If there is an exquisite bakery hiding in Abbotsford, be sure to let me know. I haven't found it yet. And do I have any junk food in the house? Noooooo. I am having to make do with cheese and crackers, which is not a substitute for a croissant.


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I have been playing with my Sir Tim Sewing Die with the dress form on it.


this morning I had a thought.

so I got up and tried it out. My Scrap Sister teamie Rebekah is celebrating her birthday this weekend with a blog hop and you are all invited!! It will be heaps of fun, loads of tutorials and I understand there may be freebies as well!! So pop over to Rebekah's place and see when it is to start and have some scrapping fun!. That was my inspiration for this card. I used paper scraps, Canvas Corp pattern papers, and a few embellishments to add some black accents. I think it adds a nice contrast and a bit of sophistication. For my sentiment I used a diecut tag that I hand stamped and a sweet fussy cut banner sentiment from Canvas Corps. First I made thisThen I made thisAnd then I made this. So I thought I'd get my licks in early. It seems that if people actually like you before they disagree with you, they are far more willing to maintain a relationship with you. I'll write that down someplace and try to remember it. Here's the blurb for God's War:Nyx had already been to hell. One prayer more or less wouldn't make any difference. On a ravaged, contaminated world, a centuries-old holy war rages, fought by a bloody mix of mercenaries, magicians, and conscripted soldiers. Nyx is a former government assassin who makes a living cutting off heads for cash. Not this time. That there are people who continue to defend this leaves me both outraged and sad. I even have "Catholic" relatives who think this is just fine, since it would be silly and wasteful to just throw away all these little baby parts instead of using them for something "good. " The "good" part, of course, refers to medical research that would possibly enhance their lives at the expense of the willful murder of another human. People who think like this have neither morals or any firm grasp of ethics. Let me help them out. The reason these people are able to shrug their shoulders and say, "So what?", after seeing these videos is they don't believe that the act of abortion is wrong. A South Korean and Kazakhstan consortium won the Akkas field in Anbar province. The local government however, protested the deal, and put up one objection after another. Akkas was one of three natural gas fields auctioned off in Oct. It's time for a new Curtain Call Inspiration Challenge! photo source: flickr. I just had to re-create that ombre effect for my challenge sample. Then, instead of watercoloring, I decided to sponge the ink on, which left me thinking "wouldn't sponging over the stencil give the same results without all the steps?" So I did another version of the background that way. Turns out, the results are very different. Today I write my way to make a zipper pen case. It is what I wrote previous post, but this is without sarubobo. The pattern is like the picture. .