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However, if a woman wishes to abort her baby, the baby is not considered a human being, and killing the baby is not considered murder. Apparently in this country we can have it both ways. We cannot have it both ways with God. see more here. Here are a few of God's incredible creations that we've seen in the rockies. Obviously, the deer photos are much better than the ones of the bears. LINK It's an italian newspaper and. oh. well, you can have some fun. The healthcare executive-targeted journal "Modern Healthcare" has named Dr. Ross Koppel, Dr. Deborah Peel, Dr. Larry Weed, and yours truly as "healthcare IT iconoclasts. " Dr. William Bria corroborated the importance of iconoclasty in this domain. A Hialeah couple is in jail for having fake driver’s licenses and fraudulent credit cards. m.

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I set it up in our woodlot and look who came to visit! I love how they look right at the camera! This guy with the broken antler showed up more than once.

And here's another handsome young buck! The coyotes were out too. I will add you to the list.

I will not share your email address with anyone without your permission.

Well, we have a new winner in our latest Mystery Spot. Some wildflowers are easily identified.

Others take a bit more work.

Years ago the plant explorers sketched the plants. Some collected specimens, since I do not believe in collecting specimens, and since I cannot draw a circle. I rely on observations, and in this wonderful age of digital photography, I can make a visual journal. that is if I remember to focus on the ENTIRE plant, not just the bloom. For now. Hughes is so bad, so mind-numbingly jack full of mumbo-jumbo splatter, producers have been known to take extra-long breaks inside the lunch room to vacate Mr. Potato head. Offered one broadcast exec in town: "This is HUGE! When you hire a guy that's as powerhouse as Poitras, you are definitely looking to re-brand your badly tarnished image. The others apparently don't like an occasional detour from the mindless bs that permeates the local industry. This daddy-long-legs came running out of a fold. Good thing I used cold water and the gentle cycle. Today, the first thing I saw was the flash of brick red. More photos at the link, along with this interesting question: "I wonder: does he run faster with shorter legs? Do those long, wobbly legs slow down his brothers?" I don't have an answer, but I did find this interesting tidbit: The legs continue to twitch after they are detached. Things That Go Bump: Some would have you see the world through oil-smeared lenses, claiming that China's oil imports edging a tad higher than US imports was why Saudi Arabia is spurning the US. And while Chinese imports will poach oil from the market, it is not a diplomatic crisis. Nice story, just not true. The Headline: “Real Economic Growth Killer? Government Spending Cuts. she printed out all the Halloween teabag holders and did a beautiful blog post with all those amazing images! love that black teacup! she's so styled… check Mathyld's jewelry, under the pyramids, just amazing. Feliz Halloween!!!! Vincent Price & Kermit via Zouz&Zaz. Verse five is one of those benefits. One of the benefits of serving God is that He satisfies our desires with good things and renews our youth like eagles. God takes good care of His children. Application: Because God takes good care of us and gives us so many benefits, we need to walk in gratitude continually before Him. Sometimes we get unthankful because we don't see things happening as quickly as we would like or because it appears God hasn't answered our prayers. We must stand in faith and know that He will satisfy us with good things and renew our youth as we walk with Him. It may not be when we think He should, but He is faithful and will reward his children. I start a card with a general idea in mind but it doesn't always end up that way. I was thinking lots of spring flowers here but ended up loving the look of a single embossed image on vellum from Happy Watercolor. Adhering vellum can be tricky so I hid some glue behind the ribbon and button. As I thought about how I would fasten the top of the vellum Miss Emma woke from her nap and came into my craft room. She began to rummage through my junk drawer. Smoking ban heart gains 'massive' Bans on smoking in public places have had a bigger impact on preventing heart attacks than ever expected, data shows. Smoking bans cut the number of heart attacks in Europe and North America by up to a third, two studies report. Really? And not cherry-picked for suitability or anything?Dr Lightwood said: "While we obviously won't bring heart attack rates to zero, these findings give us evidence that in the short-to-medium-term, smoking bans will prevent a lot of heart attacks. A number of things happened on this leg of the journey that have never happened to me before. As I was piling my things in the gray bin at security in Colorado Springs, a tall blond TSA man across the counter leaned over to me and said, without preliminary, "First Corinthians eleven, right?"Right. I sat beside a young woman who, at first glance, struck me as someone who runs marathons.

It turned out that she's actually a smoke jumper, headed for headquarters in Missoula, Montana, and works all over the West.

They jump in to the hot areas with food, equipment, water, etc. The first thing they do is make sure everyone is ok. They don't appreciate Oregon's tall trees because sometimes they land very high up in one and have to rappel down. Gibson was behind the row of pine trees, slowly creeping towards the cowering Buff Orpington who was stuck and confused in the weeds. I saw her there while doing chores—my eyes and ears super sensitive now that three times a day I am out hunting deer—I doubt I would have noticed her otherwise. She was stuck in the mud and tight stalks of dead grasses. She seemed to have given up. I knew she was one of the new birds right away. She was supposed to be in the barn with her friends, still getting used to the new place, but she must have escaped. There are holes in the barn big enough for a bird to get through. She probably followed the yard birds to the watering area here, by the artesian well, and then realized she was alone in a weird place in cold weather. I colored her 'awesome' outfit with Copic markers, I also added some glossy accents for her styling glasses, and for some bling action. some stickles for her hat, shoes, and charm. Hello Ai Fans!!! I'm Piali and today I'm sharing a Graduation Gift Card holder with you all. Super cute!! isn't it! Its super easy to make. So I hope you have had a good weekend. So here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment. What a sad, sad Halloween this is. My kids are too old to dress-up, or at least they THINK they are too old. Then, the day before Halloween, Kirstin decided to be a red Skittle. Her idea was to paint a white S on a red t-shirt. Boom, done!I'm sad to think of the photos I'm missing out on! Who said these kids could grow up?!?We are going to a church sponsored Harvest Festival tonight. I'm really hoping to get some photos. They are supposed to have rides, a rock wall, carvival games and lots of candy. Inspirational Quote of the Day: "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.

" - J.

R. R Tolkien A little dew rests on the morning leaves and glistens as the sun breaks through the grey blanket draped over our little town. Barely a mouse stirs and all is serene. Slight korduroy rolls along the horizon and brings hope for the rest of the day. CHANNEL: Not a soul to be found as the tide is low and the sandbars are exposed.

PATCH: Past the meeting rock, the real meeting is happening as three executive logjammers share their insider secrets.

This story contains profanity and much sexual content. It took me three to four hours to write this story and when I write I tend to keep writing. I was only going for two pages, but got six.

This is my first stab at ball bust story writing.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

If you vote for a male chauvinist pig, what kind of man does that make you? Because they disapprove of Trump, they disapprove of men who consider voting for Trump.

To some extent I think this may reflect stereotypical differences between men and women. I'm not talking about Alt-Right men. I'm talking about decent men. How can a respectable man consider voting for someone as disreputable as Trump? I'm guessing this is how some men view it. As president, Hillary threatens the job security of millions of Americans. How so? Due to homosexual/transgender lobbyists. SJWs are utterly intolerant of dissent. If you don't use transgender pronouns, you man well be fired. Or your business will be boycotted. Kapa Kala means "a forbidden or sacred color", and this collection is bold, beautiful and bright, with feature colors such a teal, magenta, lime and orange. Each of the bikinis in this collection has its own personality, and each one is designed to make the woman wearing it feel individualistic and empowered. Enjoy, darlings! All items at kateswim.


Chic and sleek, with just a hint of sexy! Angela. Fabulous fringe! Holly. Fun and feminine! Jessica. AkrisAndrew GnCamilla Staerk, via nymag. Notte by Marchesa ruffle silk-blend mini dress. Valentino lacquered strapless dress. James Perse stretch-jersey tube dress. Vanessa Bruno draped strapless dress. Maison Martin Margiela structured bustier dress. It is an occupational hazard to be sitting at a laptop all day and night. Work was hectic last couple of months and my online pursuits add to the trouble so finally I needed rest. Just the rest has relieved the pain. While I was at home expected some respite from cooking and cleaning but no matter what till I have steam I got to keep going thinks the Dad. His share of attention is now distributed. So I was cooking twice a day which is one time less than when I am home on normal days. Dad knows I don't like smelly stuff. Navalkol or knol khol is not one of my favorite vegetables. We know that Pletcher excels with layoff horses - even looong layoffs like this one. However, I'll throw out one idea. .