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I saw these beads the other day on Pinterest and I thought that it was such a cool idea that I had to tell you about it. I LOVE crafty stuff that doesn't take a lot of time or money and this takes neither. Sensory play is all the rage right now, and there are so many reasons why.

Kids are attracted to these little beads immediately because they look soft and squishy.

They stimulate the senses, not only sight and touch but smell too! These beads are perfect for taking a little time out and calming down. They would also be a fun part of a bedtime ritual. Lavender can help calm stress and anxiety, and can also promote sleep. Be careful not to use more than a couple of drops though or it may have and adverse affect. You'll see why in a minute. Hundreds were injured. Hundreds of homes were obliterated, destroyed, or damaged. There were two very newsworthy types of fertilizer there at the plant: anhydrous ammonia, and ammonia nitrate. It is highly reactive to oxidizers, and gives off a caustic gas. It is stored as a liquid, in tanks. It is used in the production of methamphetamine. Pair of Duffs get the Laserglaze treatment. Mind you, I wouldn't mind a bit of Spring-like weather as I'm getting fed up of the cold and short hours of daylight. These two glazing kits follow the same method of being fitted from the outside and are shaped to allow a friction fit that can be reinforced with clear varnish or, preferably, Johnsons Klear acrylic floor polish. We had the best of the day as we set out reasonably early from Bramble Cuttings. So did this happy chappie, who we mistook for an Aylesbury duck until we got closer. He was relaxing among a group of duck friends. On we went round the corner, testing the zoom on the parish church across the fields at Great Bedworth. And so onto a narrow, shallow section before the two tunnels. And here he was, in front of Towpath Cottage, in all his glory, parrot 'n' all. He was not, however, the biggest pirate in this stretch. Alaska’s celebrated wild salmon, for years the inspiration of seafood aficionados creating everything from gourmet burgers and tacos to glamorous entrees, are increasingly available to folks who love fish, but don’t know what to do with it. A growing number of seafood providers are filling growing market demand with online promotions of salmon fillets, steaks, burgers, soups and snacks, with seasonings and recipes, with overnight delivery anywhere in the United States, for serving at home, as well as gourmet gifts. Their customers can work with recipes provided with the seafood purchase or simply heat and serve, a preference of many busy families today. seabear. Each are married to great women and each has a child - my precious DGCs - dear grandchildren. This blog is a record of my journey. The fact that people have unbiased positive opinions about my body really make me feel good. Plus, it’s secret, and sexy, and makes me feel quite scandalous. Even Texans who would never spend a single dollar on a lottery ticket are lining up with lotto veterans to try their luck at the almost one billion dollar grand prize. How To Win The Lottery With The Law Of Attraction: Four Lottery Winners Share Their Manifestation Techniques I'm one of those folks who does not play the lottery on a regular basis. In fact the last time I had a lotto ticket in my hand it was one given to me at work as a Christmas gift. However, like most other Texans I expect to be in a long line at a local convenience store on Saturday laying down a few bucks to try my luck as well. Hi there! It is time once again for a new challenge on the Serendipity Stamps Challenge Blog. The challenge this week is to use either polka dots or gingham on your project. I am in fall mode, my friends, and I could resist using this sweet Autumn Chair image on my card. I envision this old chippy chair on the porch of our new home. I stitched around the outside edge and matted it with some dark brown cardstock. I brought the polka dots into play by using different dotted patterned paper. I die cut the pieces and adhered them in a quilty pattern. This is further concrete proof that the regime in Cuba is a tyranny. Within this context the statement from the United States embassy in Havana regarding the rights of Cuban-Americans and natural born Americans of Cuban descent is of great concern. The Obama administration has engaged in a policy of unilateral concessions in an effort to normalize relations with the Castro dictatorship. This has emboldened the regime in Cuba. Repression and violence are spiking in numbers not seen in decades. The US embassy issued some serious warnings to Cuban borns and their children last year and after bad press over the past week quickly changed the language. Initially it gave a number of ominous warnings: Dual Nationality The Government of Cuba does not recognize the U.


nationality of U. S. citizens who are Cuban-born or are the children of Cuban parents. Go to interesting project. I think I will also mail my secret on a postcard, and I will also post up here as well. Some time ago I posted about designing a bridal tiara for my future daughter-in-law. I was playing around with some motifs, but had to put them aside while Christmas and New Year came and went. I only have to stiffen it, but I thought I would photograph it first to show a before and after. I will post again when I have stiffened and shaped it. "RALEIGH, N. C. " Victim: white female, Melissa Huggins-Jones. It is from this that the dandies obtain that haughty exclusiveness, provocative in its very coldness. Dandyism appears above all in periods of transition, when democracy is not yet all-powerful, and aristocracy is only just beginning to totter and fall. In the disorder of these times, certain men who are socially, politically and financially ill at ease, but are all rich in native energy, may conceive the idea of establishing a new kind of aristocracy, all the more difficult to shatter as it will be based on the most precious, the most enduring faculties, and on the divine gifts which work and money are unable to bestow. But alas, the rising tide of democracy, which invades and levels everything, is daily overwhelming these last representatives of human pride and pouring floods of oblivion upon the footprints of these stupendous warriors. The further dismantling of what was once a major asset to KTVU's vaunted news platforms continues with the ouster of senior reporter, John Sasaki, who was let go Friday and is now "pursuing other options. I'm leaving some out but you get the drift. It's not in the handbook. Better to hire younger, CHEAPER, reporters who don't know the area and are more susceptible to making mistakes, THAT'S THE TICKET!Tom Vacar, the Consumer Reporter, and GSA reporter, Rob Roth, are rumored to be on the current hit list because both are making too much money and both are middle-aged, a no-no for the Foxies. We'll see. As I've said numerous times, Vacar happens to be a lawyer and even Fox is weary of a potential age-discrimination suit involving Tom, stay tuned.

I love the internal gardens and the stairwell.

Pretty dreamy. via. It is a good thing because I spent way too much money on a big screen TV and I can't afford to kick it in. It was a move that whether you liked Tom Renney or not needed to be made as it was clear that the Rangers were heading nowhere playing an offensive system that sucked the life out of the team and their fans. John Tortorella won a Stanley Cup using an attacked based system that had the nickname "Safe is Death. " It is a high risk, high reward exciting brand of hockey which calls for players who have strong skating skills and are lethal in open ice. But, yesterday morning I had no trouble getting the kids to do their outdoor chores. If anything, I had enthusiastic volunteers. Photo credit: Riau Images/Barcroft Images, via The Guardian. I was an English major in college, then moved on to a career in the biological sciences. As I did so, I encountered in Poe's writings an inordinate number of references consistent with the phenomenon of sleep paralysis, a disorder which I had personally experienced on a distressing number of occasions. Here it is, in near-final-draft form. Its a smaller house and I can't see the sea. I thought I would never get another kindle, but I was proven wrong. This makes reading possible when there's no natural light. The brightness level is easily accessible by two touches, so you can adjust the settings on the go. I think this feature is really well implemented. Gibson found Brianna dead in the pasture yesterday evening. I don't know what killed her.

It was the hardest livestock loss I've had on this farm.

Those are just a few examples of your evil lifestyle which causes Bad Weather, islands to tip over, and Gaia to sweat.

Continuing my Solstice Series, these pieces all include found metal objects.

Some are also made with found papers. I decided it was time to use more of my finds rather than just watch the piles grow and grow. Inspired by the Solstice, these pieces represent to me the beauty of winter, transitions from darkness to light, and the natural evolution of time. The first three posted are available for purchase in my Etsy shop. Ingredients: watercolor paper, acrylic paint, watercolor paint, dye ink, calligraphy ink, dry transfer, altered paper, found paper, found metal objects, wire, eyelets. All pieces sold. Thank you!. Everett must've enjoyed inking Kane since he was inspired to create that cool GK/BE signature! How much magnificence can a mere mortal's eyes behold, Groove-ophiles?About that much? Pax, baby!. There will be thirty-three challenges to choose from. Play one, play some, or play them all - whatever fits your schedule. Fan Club Members can read all about it right HERE! The stamps are from Verve's new Blue Skies set. The papers are from Crate Paper's Citrus line. The butterfly has been stamped twice, once onto the gold paper and once onto white card stock. My friend, Shaliesh who thinks I know a little bit about old world recipes one day asked me if I knew to make Ravan Pithale. I had never in my dreams thought that there would be a much loved recipe named after Ravan. Yes Ravan of the Ramayan who generates emotions of hatred in a Hindu. Then I started enquiring with may senior ladies where ever I went to learn the recipe of Ravan Pithale. Everyone told me that it had equal proportions of normal ingredients of a regular Pithale. Yet none of the women were confident about it. Many had tasted Ravan Pithale many many years ago made by their mothers or Ma-in-laws. Pithale is not a Koli traditional recipe at all so none of the senior ladies in my family could help me. This is strange as Pithale is a curry made most times when falling short on the quantity of food or when one had a sudden hungry visitor or when there were no leftovers for the ladies after serving the men and children in the family in the old world family structure. Hi Everyone,Here are a few photos of what you can do with this awesome Zebra Grosgrain. First here is a photo of the white and black zebra printNow look what you can do using Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist. I see a Tiger ribbon for sureThen there is the super shimmery Shimmerz RibbonDid you know that you can use Alcohol Inks on ribbons? You sure canThen there is any color of ink pad from distress inks to memento and everything in between. And finally, the Clearsnap Smooch paints work great. With the fine tipped brush applicator, you can really design a ribbon how you'd like. The next time you aren't sure if you have the right color of Animal Print ribbon for your project, take out your coloring mediums and give it a whirl. .