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Sometimes when we suffer we feel angry at God. Joni gives us another option:. When pain lumbers through the front door, squats down in the middle of your life, and makes itself at home day after day, year after year, we can choke. We can crack. We erupt in anger. Today's piece brings us back to the many moods of the King of the Gods. I still hadn't worked out how I was going to draw Zeus, facial-wise, but there is another idea going on here that I rediscovered while perusing my old sketchbooks that I kind of wish had made it into the finished books. It's not an Ogre! Just a really old Karate Monkey. Obviously, after the bottom bracket had been removed, I could get on with "going the other way" with it. Oh, by the way, that term- going the other way- that's a term I picked up from back when I worked on cars. My boss would ask me where I was on the job I might be working on at the time. If I was putting things back together, it was termed "going the other way". So. via amazing light, white wooden floors and look at all these fantastic prints on the wall. ooooh so much beautiful details to admire love to start this new week with this attractive, stylish and tasteful loft apartment for sale have a look here to see more . #FatQuarterFlirtQuilt All of the other quilts were made using scrappy stash leftovers. Fat Quarter Flirt can be made using leftovers as well. I've seen this quilt done in christmas prints as well as Halloween and they are super cute! I also want to show you the one I made using background fabrics. "One of a Kind". she came over to my house in the morning so that we could have a nice long visit. The two of us hadn't been able to get together for a while so it was nice to do some cathing up.

It was in Beverly Hills that Diana began cutting hair for Vidal Sassoon salon on Rodeo Drive, but her long affection for photography eventually took her to Santa Barbara, where she attended the Brooks Institute of Photography.

While earning her BFA degree she often traveled to New York landing internships with Annie Leibovitz, Arthur Elgort, Pamela Hanson and Vanity Fair Magazine.

With regards to fabric options, we've plumped for two very different looks - our clean, fresh cotton linen Flanders and our lavish cotton velvet Blenheim. Yesterday we heard some bleating in the barn in the afternoon and found Csibi had given birth to her first kid - the white one in the picture above. Sometime later the second, beige-coloured one arrived. Csibi is being a totally amazing first-time mother, licking them and even letting the first one feed while the second one was being born. After trying to suck her hair, legs, the wall, and more, they finally latched on with a little bit of help. This morning, one of the sheep had a lamb up in the top field. It was standing as The Fabulous K got there and already feeding, but not out too long. The other sheep got penned in during the ruckus.

Two down and two more ewes to go.

The first ram they were with seems to have only impregnated one of our ewes, so we are looking at a bit of a gap now until the next two lamb. But the stable is filled with tiny new lives! Amazing!!! Thankfully everything went well and there was no intervention needed from us. We are all busy, so in case you missed the news in detail last week, I offer this fine summary:Hat tip to Radley Balko over at the Agitator. With only eight days left in the session, members of the state Legislature have introduced resolutions asking Gov. "OK. S. In their resolutions, the legislators ask the governor to oppose the lawsuit. "Don't undertake a project unless it is manifestly important and nearly impossible," a quote by the great Edwin Land, creator of the Polaroid camera. Letterpressed poster created by Douglas Wilson for Keep Calm Gallery. Amin pointed out that centre personnel would provide research aimed at developing and restoring the country’s many archaeological sites using the latest international methods and techniques. Here's the Colosseum, in Rome. How was your Easter Weekend? I hope you got a visit from the Easter Bunny?! We woke up on Sunday morning only to find Snow. Yes. Snow in the middle of April! I wasn't impressed at all, and actually the Easter Bunny wasn't either cause he didn't even stop by on Sunday morning!It has been so cold here on the East Coast of Canada. I think this is going to be one of my new favs! I used some October Afternoon papers and of course a picture of Eddie. soberinanightclub. When you are keeping something from the people you care about that is intrinsic to how you live your life, it means that you are alone. Being alone is painful. You would not be keeping your secret if you were confident the people in your life were capable of understanding and accepting it.

I came out to one of my coworkers, just that I had been homeless in the past and write this blog, and years later he'll sometimes give me a dig about my advice to use sex lube for a waterless shave.

The sting of it is far more than he likely intends. That is the hazard. Okay. it's early here. I'm up, showered and halfway ready to go. The bags, with the exception of my carry on, are packed and waiting for my flat iron and make up to be thrown in. days are the bite-size portions of lifeEighty-four thousand heartbeats. One thousand four hundred and forty minute. A circle of the sundial. From the Washington Post:St. Gabriel's Catholic Church in the District's Petworth neighborhood and the Center City Public Charter School next door share a parking lot and the shade of some trees. Until a year-and-a-half ago, they also shared a faith. But the Archdiocese of Washington gave up control of seven of its financially struggling inner-city schools, stripping down crucifixes and turning the facilities into secular charter schools in three months. Goats climb, tear down, and crawl under wire field fencing. They laugh at t-posts. If your wire isn't hot, even for a few hours, they will know and clamber over it like drunk hunting horses out after a fox. This is the goat dance. The escape, capture, and evading that makes up the reality of adding caprines to your life. Izithakazelo zakwa-Gcumisa Gcumisa, Ngwazi!. Take a peek: So cute right?? Now I obviously tend to lean towards simple, monochromatic colors and styles but you could do so much with these designs!! Even adding pattern papers, etc. could add a lot of texture and color. it. Phil gives his personal testimony about how God saved him out of theological liberalism. I came to Christ after being steeped for several years in the rankest brand of liberal Methodism. In the church I attended as an adolescent, the pastor and nearly all of my Sunday school teachers treated the Bible as a collection of legends, concocted by fallible human authors. They taught me that the Bible is scientifically and historically unreliable—but, they said, it contains moral principles that are good and helpful. Moreover, they said, it is great literature. It's been a hectic week here with lots of phone calls to my sister and a dear friend who are both in hospital. A big hello to both Tricia and Rose, I'm hoping you both have a speedy recovery. The rest of the week was spent on gardening and housework but I've had a break from knitting. I'm not sure why but I know I'll take up the needles again soon. Tomorrow we're taking Jamie out for a drive in the bushland northwest of Brisbane and for lunch at one of the tearooms or cafes along the way. It will be a good break for all of us.

I wonder if I can ask a favour.

There was too little time this morning, no chance of a spot of ringing, just a quick topping up of the bird feeders at Out Rawcliffe, followed by a hurried scoot around the birding block of the farm before the domestics of grandchildren drew me back home. The Reed Buntings here can be quite inquisitive, sitting up in the roadside hawthorns. Reed Bunting Reed Bunting A recurring feature of the last month or two on the inland mosses has been the huge flocks of roving Woodpigeons, pointed out on this blog on a couple of occasions, but barely mentioned in the rest of the blogosphere. Very recently the number of Woodpigeons appeared to drop, but this morning they were about in their many thousands again, moving in droves between a number of woods and fields in their search for food, the flocks of hundreds and thousands turning the tree tops to a mass of grey. C'est un tube!!. He would neeeever be treated so crassly over at Fox. Surprisingly, the most vocal criticism of NBC's actions came from rival Fox News. "They are letting one of their longest running employees get smacked around in the media. The Markan parallel has no exceptions. So that raises the question of which text preserves the original wording of Christ's statement. The bird landed in the large field with Sheep on the north side of Swanwick Rd and disappeared. At this point he was not able to relocate it. Map to location HERE. I have shown you pictures of the town of Skaneateles but now I will show you some of the homes that sit on this beautiful lake. This is my most favorite home. However, if I owned it, I would be out there the day I signed the closing papers with a paintbrush in my hand. I would go for different shades of grays and whites. I just can't look at this place enough!I looked at this house when it was on the market a couple years ago. This is either new or redone. This is the view these homes have.

I couldn't get a good shot of this house but it is truly magnificent.