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"Fat Fargo" straight from the factory. The frame is still steel, but that's about it. By Ross Anderson Much of the world watched with amazement last year as the Carnival cruise ship Triumph drifted helplessly in the Caribbean Sea, crippled by an engine room fire that shut down its electrical power as well as its engines. The booming cruise industry struggled with a financial and public relations nightmare as the drama unfolded. Their mission: To avoid another “Triumph . Anticipating the wealth of Brontë anniversaries during the next few years, the festival explores the decade into which the sisters were born. Father and son broadcasters, Peter and Dan Snow, examine the Battle of Waterloo, while Charlotte Brontë is the focus of both Claire Harman, writer of a new biography on Charlotte, and novelist Patricia Duncker, who explores the oldest Brontë’s lesser known novel, ‘Villette’. The Exeter Express & Echo explains: Hilary Mantel will also be taking part in the festival with her talk entitiled From Jane Eyre to Brideshead Revisited: from Crime and Punishment to The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat: She will trace her evolution as reader and writer, discussing the authors who gave her courage, those she holds in awe, and those who make her laugh. Frances Hardinge chooses some Victorian heroines in The Guardian: And finally there was Jane Eyre, frail and formidable amid a stormscape of dark romance and gothic peril. Not only had my friends not even heard of these books, which I thought was incredible in itself, they were still reading the likes of books I had stopped reading around three years prior.

"Fast is a relative term.

Whether you are crossing the desert breaking the sound barrier or riding a skate board. " Nice blog from a Boardtracker fan Check it here A black and white selction:. Fifty-three of those arrested continue to be detained. "Cuban laws impose unacceptable limits on the rights to freedom of expression, association and assembly," said Kerrie Howard, Americas Deputy Director at Amnesty International. "Cuba desperately needs political and legal reform to bring the country in line with basic international human rights standards. "The long imprisonment of individuals solely for the peaceful exercise of their rights is not only a tragedy in itself but also constitutes a stumbling block to other reforms, including the beginning of the dialogue needed for the lifting of the US unilateral embargo against Cuba. "Several articles of the Cuban Constitution and Criminal Code are so vague that they are currently being interpreted in a way that infringes fundamental freedoms. These programs are presented in coordination with the Washington County Bar Association, but membership in the Association is not required for attendance. m. N. The New York Times published articles yesterday and today about how Eli Lilly and Co. The articles revealed several issues. Lilly has consistently denied such a link, and did so again on Friday in a written response to questions about the documents.

The documents show that Lilly encouraged its sales representatives to play down those effects when talking to doctors.

CC Presents the KEN/DA KEN Zine Launch. I decided to be extra-nice to Gordon this weekend and bake him an apple pie. I have used this recipe for years. It has been our favourite pie recipe for many years, but it had been far too long since I had baked it for my sweetie-pie. Think good thoughts for Gordon today. He has had a rough ten days and is heading back to work this morning on icy roads. Fit into a nine-inch pie plate. Trim pastry and crimp the edges decoratively. There's no real American equivalent of Basil — possibly the closest equivalent is Kermit the Frog, but while Kermit's known world-wide, Basil has never been a big hit outside the British Empire. Remember Topo Gigio? Pretend he's still popular in America today. one of the show's hosts was — you guessed it — Basil Brush! Here's my personal photograph of of Basil from my seat. I really zoomed in on him. "BOOM BOOM!". And the "kinda" is just because I'm feeling polite this morning. On Monday, our phone line went out a couple of times, then developed a horrendous buzz, with intermittent crackling, that made it almost impossible to have a phone conversation. via. via. There are always new prints and originals for sale in my Etsy store. Don't be afraid to check periodically. If you want one for a Christmas present, please order now. This pretty pink porker is Rosie, who lives at my friends' horse farm. Rosie hangs out at the barn and I think I can safely say she'll live out her days w/o anyone thinking "ham biscuit. It's not exactly Piazza Navona, and the area could use a few classy outdoor cafes to replace all the schlocky souvenir emporiums—but everyone seemed to be enjoying this space where formerly you could barelywalk down the sidewalk, and the taxis would just as soon mow you down as pick you up. Hey, it's a start. Palaeontology has published a detailed study of the teeth of priapulids in the Burgess Shale. "But when these teeth - which are only about a millimetre long - are found, they are easily misidentified as algal spores, rather than as parts of animals. Now that we understand the structure of these tiny fossils, we are much better placed to a wide suite of enigmatic fossils. " Not familiar with penis worms? An article in Nature explains that understanding the anatomy of the priapulids is central to a proper understanding of evolution:. From the Washington Post, a story about the new owners of the former Robert F. Remember, this started with the Bush tax cuts. Clear and Present Dangers: Why aren’t there more storm cellars in Oklahoma? Why do people smoke? Why are we so damned fat? Why don't we save for retirement? Why do we pretend global warming is going to happen to someone else, someplace else, some other time? To Infinity and Beyond: Stock markets around the world began dropping when Bernanke said that quantitative easing will continue “in the medium term and beyond”, which ought to be a hint that things are not as rosy as the stock market would lead you to believe. It should also dampen the enthusiasm for the recent fall in the federal deficit – which should be growing now, to create jobs, not falling and cutting demand and thus increasing unemployment. So the Fed keeps feeding the fire in hopes it doesn't go out, while the real economy is experiencing something quite short of a recovery. Nor Any Drop To Drink: UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon has pointed out that the world faces severe 'water insecurity' and warns that nations will begin to run out of drinkable water in the non-distant future. Or not. One Size Fits All: Jaime Caruana, mouthpiece for the Bank for International Settlements - a global fraternity for central bankers- is once again urging nations to pursue higher interest rates. And later this afternoon, we will set down in Cancun. We will be covering the Yucatan world. To my friends in The States who urged me to stay, I have one request. And now for the ironic twist. I watched a documentary just before Christmas which brought to our screens previously unknown details of Eric Morecambe. His wife,sons and daughter had found box loads of private material which,according to the documentary, gave us insight into the real Eric and his family life. It was an excellent programme. This blog is called Bring Me Sunshine as a kind of tribute to Morecambe but in reality I will be posting about anything I find funny. Even though Juanqui has left the tour, I still have a nice cache of pictures to get two updates out of, including today’s. I added sixteen pics of him to his page in the brieflines archive this morning. Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. God often allows pain to ignite destiny in our lives. Without motivation, many of us would never fulfill the purposes for which God created us. Oftentimes a measured assault invades our life and creates a depth of pain that all we know to do is press into God with all our being. The above verse and quote came in an e-mail devotion this morning. I don't often get as sick as I have been the last few days. At one point over the weekend, I asked God if this was some sort of attack right before this trip. This morning, I woke up feeling physically stronger and somewhat spiritually stronger. Over the past few weeks, I've been asking God to prepare me for the message He has for me to receive this weekend. I didn't want to just show up for a good time, I want to meet Him there. The book was Oracle Night. It's about a writer who has just recovered from a serious accident, about his relationship with his wife and about some of his writing.

But like other Auster books, it's really about ideas.

One of the main themes of the book is about starting a new life. Leaving the house to post some letters, the main character of this story within a story ends up taking a plane to Kansas City to embark on a new and bizarre existence, working in an underground room filled with telephone directories. Like other Auster books, Oracle Night zips along and is very easy to read, and raises plenty of existential philosophical questions in the reader's mind without ever really pinning anything down. parking on the Cambrian apron. Happy saturday morning! We visited the beautiful tulip fields in Mount Vernon Washington yesterday. It is just a beautiful place to see. Some of my favorite tulips are the variegated colored one. I tried to create that here with these tulips. I used Pink Pirouette first, then colored Daffodil Delight then just a bit of Strawberry Slush ink on top of the other two. We must not let this right be so easily usurped by unelected bureaucrats, without any engagement, discussion, debate or dialogue. Let me draw attention to a couple of phrases: "unelected bureaucrats in a statutory board" and "usurped by unelected bureaucrats without any engagement, discussion, debate or dialogue". Hell, let's narrow it down even more to one word: "Unelected". Has that sunk in yet? "Unelected". So amongst all the other news. Cant decide. Makeup? Skin care? or filofax????? TUITION FEES? - I'm sure you will be able to help! When Harry Finsbury met Sally Finchley - A romantic tale.

And from Robin one of our readers came this: This is what happens when a couple of "to-do" pages don't make the cut in a new planner! It's still all good! My favorite heart is the one that says "que hacer" - so fitting And finally another video, this time on 'Personalising your dividers'.

Islamist entities are taxing many food and beverage products through Halal Certification involving millions of dollars in fees that are financing their rather dodgy activities around expanding their delivery of religion to the masses and more concerning, the radicalising of youth. Many shoppers are now boycotting any product carrying a so called Halal certification as publicity around the rort spreads. y.


Crookneck, e. g. Olivia Newton-John / Jason Heerah Chasing Love music video cal. By dbud It was almost two AM and the group was all wired from pot and alcohol. Avril Lavigne was stretched over a large captain’s chair. She was trying to remember what city they were going to, but was too high to think straight. Avril was wearing what she always wore, jeans, cut off just below the knee, a wife beater T-shirt and old school sneakers. Her hair was long and straight and she had on too much dark mascara around both eyes. Looking around the bus, she was bored, and decided to get the party roaring again. “Okay, okay,” Avril announced as she stood up, “I’m bored and I want to play a game. Greetings, Alrighty y'all. Memorial Day. And Labor Day. So just by doing some very simple math - we're two down and one to go. Prints. Madras. Day nine stars the divine Mrs. Claus busting a few moves! After all those milk maids I decided that having the literal amount of characters in the image really makes it impractical to colour and use on a card. Reducing the size so it will fit on a card front means that you lose a lot of the detail, not to mention that it's practically impossible to get your colours in such tiny little spaces. For further information on these Scams, please Read . .