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Here's the quote I meant to post earlier this morning. It's by JI Packer, and it's on prayer: a bit of a theme in my reading at the moment. Which is a bit ironic, since I just realised I haven't prayed yet today: I got distracted by making the boys' breakfasts. RED stands for "Retired, Extremely Dangerous," which is what these people are. A sequel is in the works. Here's another movie that works as great entertainment if you're happy with fun characters, good guys who win, and plenty of explosions. Bruce Willis is always a plus. I liked it, but I like watching Bruce Willis in movies where things explode. trailer:Salon. The ruling bishop, Bishop Kirill, officiated at the Divine Liturgy on Sunday along with Bishop Iriney. The parishioners of the Protection parish in Malin, Ukraine, amended their by laws ten years ago to declare themselves a part of ROCA and not MP. In all that time, Ukrainian authorities have rejected the registration of their new by laws. They have now appealed to S. Ryzhiy, the head of the Zhitomir oblast government. Fiddler on the Roof, Sholem Aleichem and the Tevye StoriesPaper details Prompt: Read the Tevye stories by Sholem Aleichem that were the main source for the musical. If you read them, and also made use of the book "To Broadway. to Life!" and watched the film, I think that would make for a good term paper.

Instructions from prof.

: I'd read "Modern Children" first, then "Hodel," then "Chava. " Other stories may have been used but those are the main ones.


Garson, "bunu daha once bir baskasi da sormustu ama nerden geldiklerini bile bilmiyorum" dedi. "hmm musteri potansiyeli var, siz en iyisi bunlarin satisina baslayin" diye akil verdim. YEAH, I'M SURE IT WAS JUST A COINCIDENCE. On the day the Radnich/Heenan kerfuffle hit the fan, Steve Aveson and Brittney Shipp, both Radnich critics, were GONE from the KRON studio! Call it peculiar at worst and something more ominous brewing at best. Let's say this: Aveson can't stand Raddy and Shipp is so concerned she told KRON higher-ups she wanted NO PART of his now infamous, on-air barbs. You'll notice Radnich has never involved Shipp in his Don Rickles act and in fact hasn't even acknowledged her on air! Very classy Raddy. He wasn't.

"He looked sullen", said a station source.

But the blockbuster harvest wasn't to be. "Of course, Sitka herring are valuable only if harvested before they spawn and drop their prized roe. Well, Deckboss imagines we'll be debating this curious herring season for quite some time. Il forte e fastidioso rumore metallico dovuto a una cattiva sigillatura, fa sobbalzare soprattutto nelle ore serali e notturne…. Grazie Pino Portelli. Lo ha detto il presidente dell’AnciSicilia, Leoluca Orlando. This is a first for this blog as the first and second stars of the night came from the same game as New York Islander and New York Ranger prospects went against each other in one of more exciting games to watch this season. Man I wish I found this job when I was younger as Friday was a blast with some big games on the schedule so to quote Warner Wolf "Lets go to the videotape. The Irish have been struggling to find goals and wins as of late so they needed a win to keep their hopes alive of winning the CCHA regular season title.

It’s Modern Block Monday Quilt Along time.

Above is my block for this week.

I made a quick decision – I’m not doing this over – and sewed white strips on the short sides. I think it looks okay, don’t you? I did want to show you another block. It's not a Modern Monday Block but while surfing Sunday I noticed a block that Wayne Kollinger had on his blog. It looked interesting and I wanted to try it. Using the same fabrics I’m using in Modern Monday blocks, I made the above block.

Ancient World Open Bibliographies Project Our Goal: To provide an online destination for students and scholars seeking bibliographies about the ancient world.

In the modern academy, sometimes too much information is as thorny a problem as too little. The Ancient World Open Bibliographies seeks to provide annotated bibliographies on specific subjects that serve as an introduction to students or to scholars exploring a new area of research. We will also link to existing open-access bibliographical resources online.

Scope: Geographically, we cover Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Temporally, we cover prehistory through ca. the crowd half heartedly sucked down vodka tonics and lite beers, blankly watching the same tired videos of the same tired d-list divas that have been in constant rotation since the Pleistocene age. Then this came on.

And everyone woke up.

You will be sought, but you will never again be found, declares the Lord". Tyre was a godless nation who wanted nothing to do the Lord. They were against the people of God and were considered enemies of God and His people. Currently, we're giving away a free pizza and one of our famous T-shirts to the person who submits the funniest photo. Linky Required! and you could be chosen to be our next Guest Designer!. We left Savannah this morning, headed for home via Jacksonville, Denver, and Portland. Partway to Jacksonville we stopped and briefly toured a plantation, only it wasn't a traditional cotton plantation with a long lane lined with live oaks and a columned house at the end. Instead, it was like a huge park with massive live oaks scattered all over, and a normal farmhouse after you had walked for half a mile. And they had grown rice, not cotton, since that was better suited to all the swamplands. Like so many pursuits in the South, things went gangbusters for a while and then it all dwindled down to nothing. After the Civil War they grew less and less rice because the labor costs made it less profitable.

Meanwhile the family had trouble producing enough surviving heirs to pass the land down to who also had the gumption to make it a profitable venture.

There is mild moderation. Normal rules of blogger etiquette and courtesy to blog hosts will apply. with serious transgressors being thrown out. Visitors might consider the wisdom of using moderate language. Regards Adolf. I haven't read the beltway stuff, but the release of the Vance phone records has me intrigued. Vance is a journalist employed by Fairfax Media. I presume Vance's phone is owned and paid for by her employer. They would get the bills, and the records. She has a "pass" to allow her access to the media gallery in parliament. But how does Parliamentary Services get her phone records in the first place? Is it part of the "deal" with the press gallery - a security thing? Can anyone enlighten me. Happy Thursday! . I want to share some shots from this famous sequence animated at Lantz for the movie "King of Jazz", made in genuine two-strip Technicolor. Watch for a cameo by Ozzie!Thanks to cartoon researcher and fond friend Del Walker for this animated segment of the "Jazz" movie. Well, I'll be seein' ya,Duck Dodgers. The kite is approx. Good Morning! Sunny morning here, with a bit of fog burning off over the ocean. Currently calm winds. N wind may pick up this afternoon. Channel: Is small this morning with some knee high sets. Darlings, CC is loving these pretty peach hues! Beach Sexy ruffle-trim bikini, at victoriassecret. La Fee Verte silk bra and shorts, at shopbop. Diamonds in the sand clutch. Cotton Alexi sweater, at jcrew. Just checking in with a quick post this beautiful Friday afternoon. The leaf trio and bird are popped up for dimension. I pleated some woodgrain pattern paper in a kind of whimsical, sloppy fashion, then tied some hemp twine around it. To finish off, I added a random sprinkling of black buttons for a little pop.

It's been far too long since I last participated in one of Verve's Viva La Verve sketch challenges.

Foyers and entryways have been the focus this month. You can find all four January Viva La Verve challenges in the Contests & Challenges area within the Verve Forum on Splitcoast. The heart floral, the sentiment, and the florals I used to create my background pattern, are all from the new Love's Flower set. The lovely Sun Dried Tomatoes done on my very own terrace. With this post I am starting a tomato fest here my inspiration is ofcourse the Jivha for tomatoes hosted by RP. There is so much to do with the healthy tomato. It is indispensible in my cooking and no one will believe this vegetable is not of Indian origin. In the old days tomato was considered taboo. It was called Masal Phal which literally means flesh fruit and was not offered to the Gods as naivedya. When I am visiting family I like to carry some stuff that I just learnt to make just to surprise them. This time round I dried tomatoes. We depended on one or the other person to get back sundried tomatoes from trips to Europe and used them only for pizza made at home. WHEN YOU'RE LOOKING TO IMPRESSKeep nerves in check. Don’t try too hard. Casual confidence always works: Have good posture, speak with conviction and make eye contact. Watch out for over-gesturing. When we’re put on the spot, we tend to talk with our hands. The popular or limited meaning seems to be EBM is the evidence derived from RCTs and meta-analysis and if all fails observational data or case control studies. It is EBM used in that second sense that I maintain will never, can never provide the answers to all of the questions and decisions that arise in the practice of medicine. There are simply far too many questions and issues that there is time, energy or funds to do all the RCTs to answer all of the questions posed. It is worse that that because as new medications, surgical techniques and diagnostic techniques are devised more and more questions are raised. sometimes a RCT concludes something and as time goes by the data is dissected and analyzed further and the once solid conclusion melts away. Case in point was the DIG trial in which, although no morality benefit was evident , fewer hospitalizations were needed and symptoms relief occured.

Later upon more analysis we learn that digitalis may not help women and that the patients whose dig levels were in the acceptable blood levels were harmed.

Further, a RCT does not provide all the answers. .