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Recently, my friend Tamara responded to a story in a Dallas paper, which warned that Memorial Day Weekend would be a "No-Refusal Weekend. " The paper claimed that drivers arrested for DWI would be made to submit a blood test. Period. That's all the story said. This made Tamara understandably a bit pissed.


Sadly, there's no way to edit responses, or I would have changed a lot. Wolverhampton has mixed associations for me. My friend Dave is still an ardent Wolves fan, but I was never any good at supporting a team that way, though I've retained a soft spot for this one. At home. But I'd never been back, until today, when we dropped down the Staffs and Worcs to Autherley junction. I never realised, until seeing it in the canal guide, that this iconic junction is in Wolverhampton. The greener, more picturesque parts. Very impressive.

My thoughts about Wolverhampton have changed once again.

Motorcycle lifts are typically just big enough to hold the bike and get it up to a convenient level to perform service. This durable powdercoated steel lift tray can keep parts and tools separated along with other necessary items. Once the holes are drilled, the tray is conveniently removable so tools and lubricants can be brought back and forth to your workbench. Note, by drilling more than one set of holes, the tray can be used in multiple locations. JIMS No. More aerial and vessel surveys were planned for today. m. State biologists said a very large body of herring was seen west of Bieli Rock along with a number of large schools seen offshore southeast of Inner Point. Scattered schools were also seen in shallower waters in the Crow Pass area, within the smaller islands south of Middle Island, and around the south and west sides of Kasiana Island. First week of June. A lightness of being, a summery feeling. The heat subsided for a moment, but even the darkest clouds radiate light. I keep hoping for a proper thunderstorm, but the skies are full of false warnings. Time for a holiday soon, but first it's all about tackling the remains of odd jobs & laundry piles, and jotting down little plans. A sense of rest intensifies amid mundane chores, wraps itself softly against the skin. Butterfly wings quietly whisper an invitation to adventures. Kesäkuun ensimmäinen viikko. Kevyt olo. Kesäolo. Helle taittui hetkellisesti, mutta synkätkin pilvet säkenöivät valoa. Turhaan saaanut odotella kunnon ukkosmyrskyä, taivas täynnä vääriä hälytyksiä. Venezuelan Penal Forum: Whats happening in Venezuela? Violations of Human Rights.

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have both released worrying reports about the human rights situation in Venezuela.

Amnesty International also has an online petition circulating addressed to Maduro. Be prepared, some of the footage is disturbing. Greg T.

Rinckey, Esq.

m. Rinckey, Esq. serves as the Managing Partner of Tully Rinckey PLLC. Greg concentrates his practice on military law, federal employment and discrimination litigation, and national security clearance mitigation.

During his previous tenure as an attorney with the U.

Fat Freddy's Drop, the Dub/Reggae band from Wellington New Zealand, will be touring Europe this summer.



One. Travelers should plan accordingly. Captain Corey Bryan says he expects some traffic delays due to Island Fest Saturday and Sunday. “We will have officers in the area to keep traffic moving as much as possible,” he said. “But people should still plan some extra time if they are planning to travel through the area. m. m. Carla Marinucci, the star political reporter, is leaving the Chronicle and is headed to Politico. Marinucci leaves a void at the SF daily. Her state political reporting has been a mainstay in the Bay Area for over two decades. I know I shouldn't cast stones because I daily refer to the Messiah, but I alibi that it is merely a bit of artistic license to lighten the message. I don't like "Obama-lama-ding-dong" or "Klintoon" or Molly Ivin's famous "Shrub" or any the others. They are cover for shallowness. We need to get beyond sloganeering if we are going to actually begin to identify the vacantness of "hope and change" as a policy. New Paltz Journal does a bang-up job of illustrating the difference today. He's got a friend with a good one-liner. One night I got taken out to a very interesting meal in Seoul. Live octopus. You travel around the narrow little streets. There are seafood restaurants every square inch. Outside each restaurant is a fish tank filled with squid and octopus. It's a strange scene. We arrived at our place and we were ushered into the back room. It really wasn't a back room. It was actually outside of the restaurant, a small area wrapped all in clear plastic. Share and enjoy!DONUT WALLPAPER: DESKTOPDONUT WALLPAPER: IPHONE. I remember the day she born - I must cherish these moments a little more. I used a cut file from JustNicks it's called the Swiss Cheese background and found Here. Supplies : Jillibean Soup Patterned Paper: Summer Red Raspberry Soup/ Frozen Red Raspberries, Whipped Cream, Stick of Cinnamon, Sliced Bananas Happy Hues: Precocious Pink Beanboard Alphas: Roma Red Pea Pod Parts: Summer Red Raspberry Soup Coordinating Stickers: Summer Red Raspberry Soup Kraft Accessories: Kraft Tags Wood Veneers: Summer Red Raspberry Soup Other: Black Micron Pen, Kraft Cardstock, Sewing Machine, Twine, Martha Stewart Punch, Glimmer Glaze, Silhouette Cameo, Tiny Attacher Visit Jillibean Soup for more great layouts!. Don't Let The Door Hit You: The US has this strange idea that the Russians like us and want to do business with us and that it can use this as a lever in the Ukraine/Crimea sweepstakes. Not true. White may not be the most practical colour choice for sofas. When I was studying printmaking there was a much emphasized concept I never quite understood, the clean hands person. Printing with ink can be messy and part of the craftsmanship of that process was not having fingerprints or smudges on the back of the paper. I remember being baffled by why there was such concern about the appearance of the back of a print. After all, no one was ever going to see the back. The back of a pillow is not quite as unseen, but I've always put more though into the front. I don't think I've ever patterned and dyed fabric with the intent of using it on the back of a pillow. Until now. Good morning, all. I added eleven pics of him to hispage in the brieflines archive. I hope you enjoy them. It's lucky number thirteen for Stan! I added thirteen new pics to his page on the brieflines site. Enjoy the new Stan pics everyone!. ” Brewer adds that the shorter waterline of the spoon bow does have the advantage of reducing wetted surface when the vessel is running upright or slightly heeled, as opposed to the constant, greater wetted surface of the long-waterline, short-stemmed yacht. However, “modern sailing yachts reduce wetted surface by fin keels and spade rudders, not by spoon bows,” he points out. Modest spoon, clipper, and raked bows appear to be the safest for boats designed to cross oceans. All the same, there’s no bow that I know of that can prevent a pitchpole if conditions are right.

Wishing you a blessed Christmas full of life's most precious gifts.

Sharing another card today made with the Alphabet Press embossing folder technique I showed on monday. I used the Basic Gray classic ink with this card. He won! Yes, thanks to your support, our Edward’s face is going to be on dog treats at our local pet store. I believe Edward was the only entrant with votes from all over the U.


and even other countries! Being the modest, unassuming fellow that he is, Edward is taking fame in his stride. I’m sure when the paparazzi show up, he’ll just ask them for treats and pose in a nice Sit. He’s that kind of boy. I’ll keep you posted when we get our hands on some of the dogs treats with his picture. My dad was on spring break last week, so he came to stay with us Wednesday and Thursday.

Thursday the kids stayed home from daycare and Grandpa was in charge.

It was Jenna's preschool day, so she got to have Grandpa pick her up, which she thought was pretty cool. After Aaron and I got done with work, we ran to Ames to pick-up a few things for Jenna's birthday. It was nice to be able to do that! I think it was a mutual thing that Grandpa wore the kids out and they wore him out! All in all, were happy that my dad made the trip and got to spend some quality time with the grandkids. Election Day is finally here! Not like you need to be reminded, but make sure you go and vote today. No matter what side you're voting for, it's important to go and cast your ballot. I know we'll be glued to the t. v. tonite at our house. Aaron will be in full control of the remote switching from station to station I am sure. g. Hello My Friends! We have a winner for our October release favorites giveaway! Cindi E!!!Cindi E said. Congrats on winning! Check back tomorrow. we have some new products to share! Happy Stamping! . j'en connais des nouveaux qui ne connaissent pas l’existence de ce petit bijou vocal disponible sur amazon. fr et Fnac en market place !. for not being Catholic enough? These professional Catholics don't like his budget because they have been so thoroughly steeped in the "social justice" hot water that their tea has turned bitter. They have also accused him of being a "bad" Catholic because he likes the message of Ayn Rand as it relates to capitalism and personal responsibility. No it's not. I even think that it's a-okay for them to disseminate these opinions on the world wide web. Because, you know, as a disciple of Rand and therefore a frozen-hearted capitalist/objectivist he’s going to push Grandma off a cliff, burn the orphanage with the kids trapped inside, shut down the soup kitchens and throw sacks filled with puppies and kittens into the river while carving “not one dime of government money for social services!” into Washington’s forehead on Mount Rushmore. And that’s a warmup exercise before breakfast. read the rest In case you missed it: Bishop Morlino of Madison, Wisconsin speaks out about Paul Ryan. I will have much more on the Andrew Meyer incident soon. I continue to get emails telling me that I am "missing the point" about the Meyer story, that he was, in fact, a "brat" who acted up and acted out and, because he would not do as he was told, he "deserved what he got. " And many people continually refer to Meyer as a "kid," a troublesome and bratty kid who needed to be disciplined. Such terminology is unintentionally revealing. Whatever one's view of Meyer and his actions, he is not a "kid. .