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However, a chief man was not to handle the dead.

These were obviously religious proscriptions. People apparently did these things for religious motives. Scarification is part of the modern fetish of Primitivism. In short, Tuesday’s workout was a confidence booster. Nothing spectacular, but after two weeks of feeling lousy due to infection/antibiotics/etc, it was nice to be normal. Sunday’s race sent my confidence back into the crapper. But nothing to do except to be patient and try to train smarter. Stretching and foam-rolling at night. I was pretty darn happy just to be feeling like myself again. The self-adhesive postage label gum side with green color official postal logo.

Thanks for the inspiration, Ayana! Also, she made this card for the latest Lawnscaping challenge.

Check it out! Thank you so much for visiting! Have an amazing day,. Happiness is playing ball with your best friends. Little Elvis, Me and Miney Happiness is being too big to carry up the slide. Noah and Little Elvis Happiness is resting next to your bestest dog friend. While keeping one eye on the ball. And one eye on Little Elvis. Noah and Adam showed remarkable teamwork, Noah took Little Elvis to the top of the slide and Adam waited at the bottom. Just show a valid picture ID if you want to vote in Texas. What's so tough about that? Well, if you really aren't who you say you are or you really aren't a qualified voter, then the current administration really would like that requirement to go away. Remember all the griping about No Child Left Behind? In a nutshell, the concept was that advancement in schools should depend upon ability to meet a standard for grade-level work. The federal government asked states to prepare a list of what those standards should be then conduct an evaluation to insure that students achieved the standards. It was the state's responsibility to set approved standards, design an approved evaluation method and submit evidence of standard achievement rates. Low performing institutions were monitored to insure progress toward acceptable performance. Penalties could be invoked after a reasonable period of failure to improve. That sort of a program is simply too realistic for the Brave New World. It damages the self-esteem of the lazy and worthless. It stresses productive academic achievement at the expense of feel-good courses about the environment and the evil racist history of Amerika. You don't get to reward "the arts" and the study of counter-cultural extremist positions until you can add/subtract, read/write, and recall the major lessons of history. Clearly that is not what we want in this country. Therefore we must stop "teaching to the test" and convert to passing students through school and out into the non-productive segments of society so that they can Occupy Wall Street or whatever town they can find their way to city center in.

Here's a novel approach in New York City:Failed? NO! Lower the Standards and Raise the Grades! And when you implement a program like that what happens? Why you get a big stipend from the Federal Department of Education, of course.

It isn't often enough that these loathsome creatures are arrested, indicted and punished:OBE and Two Distinguished Service CrossesThere is no more despicable act that I can think of. Yet we still have people who seek to cloak these slugs under the mantle of the First Amendment. Law Professor Likens Valor Thieves to Pick-up Artists in a Singles BarListen Dr. Turley, you can exaggerate the fish you caught yesterday. You can prevaricate about your Ferrari in the parking lot. You can dazzle the dollies with your exploits on Mt.

Everest and your NASCAR victory at Darlington.

But don't tell her you were equal to men who did more than they were asked to do willingly in the service of their country. The room above is pulled together with a great mix of styles: Modern cow hide chaise with chrome, Renaissance chair with tattered upholstery, primitive chippy paint pedestal, antique illustrations, leather books, raw-wood door.

In this day and age of collecting, junking, and re-purposing, it is easy for all of us to call our interiors "eclectic", but what is eclectic really? And how can we pull an eclectic interior together to be something more than just a glorified hodge-podge?! In the words of my mentor Carol Bolton, "It takes a lot of work to make something look undecorated.

" Amen sister. I found some images that I feel kick eclectic into a true decorator style. Modern desk, retro style sofa, Asian table, Persian rug,traditional painting. What you assemble is very important: the textures, periods, shapes and styles may look haphazard, but keeping your eye sharp to see what will coordinate together is key.

Touches of black tie this eclectic mix together: Rug, bust, pillow and chair as well as the gold frames and crystal chandelier working together and the pink throw with pink art.

In what has been a mainly inconsistent season for Ranger prospects, Duclair has been the only bright spot as the forward for the Quebec Remparts has put together a career season with no signs of slowing down. Saturday was a fun day to cover prospect hockey as coast to coast something was happening. It's just amazing to first off get them the win and score a couple of goals was fun.

All that and the rest of the Ranger report can be found right here.

Valentine's Day just gives me an excuse to post some more of them. Well, my little Pearly was in her first Christmas ballet performance. What can I say except that she shined like a star!Before the performance, I kept telling my hubby that I thought Pearl was going to get embarrassed and start acting silly because that's what Pearl does in situations like that. Act silly and fall on the floor and dance like she's in a circus. I felt bad for the little ones who came out with the group in front of all the anxious parents and immediately burst into tears unable to perform. The power went out when I was putting the lights on the Christmas tree Saturday night. So far we haven't been able to figure it out. The pictures will also be down until we can get things working again. So sad. A whole day without pictures of my girls. How will any of us make it through the day???. peet-b-shelley. I could eat arugula everyday. Actually, I practically do. In the summer, when I don't feel like cooking as much an arugula salad can make a great lunch. Snowflakes are falling around here and the winter Olympics will be here soon. My husband is a retired ski coach and can't wait for the events. In the meantime Emma and I have our own Olympic events. Every morning we start our day with the dishwasher derby. I open the dishwasher and try to unload it faster than she can reload it with various toys and household items. Then we head to the laundry room for the washer/dryer relay. I hand her the wet clothes and she puts each one carefully into the dryer. Of course the light switch on the dryer door must be flicked each time to announce the arrival of a new garment. Then it's time for rock climbing. She crawls upstairs as many times as her grandfather has the patience to carry her back down and let her climb again. My role in this activity is to divert her attention when the event is over so Grandpa can lock the gate at the bottom. A handful of goldfish works every time! Here is Emma watching some real goldfish this week at Pet Smart. Things I appreciate about yesterday:I have trimmed my hair. Now I can leave it open. It looks lovely. So that felt really really good. Especially since I don't blow dry my hair or use any straitners on it. This wonderful verse and Bunny set are both from Art Impressions. Smell jelly beans can be found HERE. The bunnies are part of the Mouthfuls line. I've used the Mouthfuls Rabbit set. The great thing about this line is you canmix and match the clear stamps. Tools & Accessories. Pin It . We had quite a full weekend with Hanno finishing the new chook fence and me flitting between writing and household chores. Of course there were lots of breaks and tea on the verandah so it was a productive and relaxing time for us. It's a lovely time of year now, the spring flowers are blooming, birds are visiting from far off places and it's bare arms weather - ideal for sitting with a lemon cordial and letting the world pass by. I am happy here, I feel as much a part of this place as all the trees deeply rooted in dry soil.

We all get our nourishment from being here and I can't imagine being anywhere else.

Hanno did a great job on the fence using mostly recycled materials. We did have to buy the fence posts though. Almost all of yesterday was taken up with him making a patchwork of wire for the bottom of the fence.

I had a feeling that Reamde would be a doozy as soon as I read the synopsis months before the book was actually published.

The rave reviews that followed in the wake of its release made me realize that I was right. When Southeast Asia beckoned, Reamde was immediately thrown among the stuff I was bringing with me overseas. On a more sombre note, a family mourns a young man who died at Murawai Beach doing what thousands do every day, having a swim, riding the surf, snorkeling or any number of ways we enjoy our close association with the sea The OTT response of the media and their "talking empty craniums" can only be described as woeful. Statistically almost invisible, to die in an apparent shark attack is shocking and stirs emotions of horror and intense sphincter tightening responses. Seriously folks, the victim 'invaded' the sharks world and a rare but understandable event occurred. For the unfortunate young film maker such luck or intervention failed to avoid the tragedy and a family mourns his very sudden death. RIP Adam Strange. Just playing with scraps. and the All in the Family and family accessories sets. Purchase this set in the month of November and Stampin' Up! will donate all proceeds to the Dave Abbott family fund. Please read this carefully as there are several important announcements and updates that apply to each ensemble. I am still working out more details, including finding park hours, setting performance times, determining final costs, and seeking approval from the superintendent. We will have a spring trip meeting for all advanced band parents on Tuesday, Oct. Our marching band will now be performing at the Reno Veterans Day Parade! We are no longer going to Virginia City. over three thousand people with only a one day notice of event. Fifteen hundred of us lucky ticket holders were inside, while sixteen hundred bravely stood outside. At least the rain had eased off. I arrived at the North Idaho Fairgrounds in Coeur d'Alene at noon and lined up in the rain. Thank goodness I own a bunch of umbrellas. People with tickets signing it.

The back peanut gallery with press and TV cameras in front of them People gathering in the front section I was standing up front.

So we had a big storm last night, or at least big enough to kill the power. Grr. I guess lightning hit a transformer, and killed the power in our part of town. Then this morning after all is supposedly fixed, it goes out again, just as the girls are waking up and getting ready for that whole breakfast thing. Of course, with the power being out, no scrambled eggs, just cherrios and raisins. I was even scared to open the fridge too much because the power had been out so many times and for so long. But no hail for us, yeah. On another note, the Health center lady stopped by to assess juju and see if she was really having any problems.

My mother-in-law Jeanne, was kind enough to give me a gift certificate to SuperBuzzy for my birthday.

Everyone enjoyed the meal, but after the leftover food was all put away and the family had headed home, I realized that we had never talked to our kids about what Thanksgiving means. Of course, gratitude isn't a one-day-a-year sort of thing, so I hope to make up for this. OK, the Shipshewana Registration Form is ready and I am very excited to be coordinating this event. The retreat is not affiliated with any one group, so, if you have any friends that would be interested, please let them know. We're just quilters getting together to sew, eat and shop in Shipshewana. If you've never been to Shipshewana, you're in for a real treat. Yesterday, Verve Stamps kicked off its monthly project parade. Our theme: Divine Details. There are so many stamping styles represented on the design team - I know I can't wait to follow along each day and pick up some tips and good advice!Here's a look at the card I'm sharing today. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!. Hey there everyone. I hope that you are all enjoying the first days of fall. The leaves are definitely turning here in Southern Saskatchewan and there is a crispness in the air. I think Autumn is my favorite time of year. Today I've got a few projects to share with you all and I hope that you enjoy them. Echinacea is such a rich red. meshdigital. This is a fake loan scam. fake-loan-scam. I am a certified, registered and legit lender. You can contact me today if you are interested in getting a loan from us. .