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I was so impressed when one of our regular contributors fired off some messages from Bangkok, Thailand. Graphic interfaces? Are you kidding me? It was all text. ASCII test, actually, and on a monochrome amber monitor. They were beginning to see that their marketing plan wasn't ready to deploy effectively. Shoutout my bro NO Capo. Deeper than rap. Hello!! It's Flickr Friday!! YAY! We love seeing all of the cards popping up in the Lawn Fawn Flickr group. According to a statement by Maghreb Agence Presse, the official Moroccan news agency, Mostafa Salma Sidi Mouloud was arrested at the border-post leading to the Tindouf camps in the region of Mhiriz. Shortly prior to his arrest, he made public his intention to further promote the Moroccan autonomy plan to the Sahrawi refugees living in the Tindouf camps, which are administered by the Polisario Front. The statement went on to say that Mostafa Salma Sidi Mouloud had “divulged secrets” with the aim of undermining the safety and security of the SADR. courtesy of on. Venus in the film again donned a school uniform and gave her first kiss to the "jerk" in the film Edward Ma Chi Wai. Although she said that she had a "memorable bed scene with nothing held back", in the end he unfortunately broke her heart thoroughly. Venus' school uniform also included gym class shorts. Some online had nothing but praised for her uniform look. However Venue revealed that when her boyfriend Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung visited the set, he had no reaction to this school girl look. In the film I had a business woman relationship guide look that was drastically different. He had quite a reaction to that and sad that he couldn't accept that costume.

Haha, I think guys want their girlfriend to be innocent and simple.

" Venue admitted that playing a school girl again was still fresh to her. courtesy of on. ccCheung Tat Ming yesterday attended a Mental Health Foundation fund raising walk event. Tat Ming said that lately he has been busy with writing screenplays, one of which Andy Lau Tak Wa accepted but he had no idea when it will be made. From Jay-Robinson-actor. He was hardly the first or last ruler to do so, of course. By way of contrast, the tomb could not contain Jesus, who repeatedly explained that His kingdom is not of this world. Sorry - not Little Bittern, but a couple of great photos of Reed Warbler taken by Ron Marshall at Old Moor today. You find our shoes and automatically know 'Dada shoe' or 'Mama shoe' then you bring them over and try to put them on our feet. A fun game I guess! It's SUPER cute when you put your feet into Dada's shoes too - you look SO tiny when you do that!You love the trot trot song, but this week you REALLY love the 'teddy bear sleep' song. Faith is knowing there is an ocean because you have seen a brook. Spent some time in hospital, came home with this little guy. Andrew Cotter took time out from putting his voice to the SGU's membership campaign to talk about Scottish Golf, the Masters and a few other things. He is one of a set of twins. The red color means he is a twin. I'm not so happy about that red paint. It makes my photos look awful.

The blue isn't much better.

Hey guys.

I added eight pics to David Ferrer's page on the brieflines site. He's turning into one of those dependable brieffers that will always have pics because he plays so well.

So here's hoping he's just hit his stride.

See you tomorrow!. Hey guys, just quickly checking in to let you know about the update to the brflines site I made this morning. I added a new pic of Andrey Golubev to the site. Hope you guys like. Take care!. If someone showed me this image and asked me where these throw pillows are from. I'd probably say Crate & Barrel. Guess where they are from? IKEA! I found myself browsing the IKEA pillow selection and was very pleasantly surprised. Perfect for a neutral nelly room. They look much more expensive than they really are!.


Miller. S. The Reference Frame: Pacific waters as an excuse for the warming hiatusThe more you use natural variations such as El Niño, PDO etc.

This week in AFS.

Hey Everyone! It's Stephanie here again to kick off Friends with Flair. Something is always cooking here. But let's check out what is happening at the homes of these other bloggers. We are still falling in love with Texas and today we are going to visit: Poofing the Pillows At Home With Jemma The B Farm Botanic Bleu And the bloggers from the Seasonal Harvest Tour have lots of great ideas to share with you too. Possibly a new Hell on Wheels project? Probably pre high pipe though. Natural gas bubbles up through the crude oil and tar that seep to the surface in many locations at the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles.

It’s their job to hold hearings and their job to vote and let the votes fall where they may.

I think the Democrats, they ought to say, we're going to do an extreme vetting on this. "Failure is not an option. In which the President of the United States kerboots the raving meatstick Right right in the yam sacks. It was a terrific civics lesson. Really. And I predict it will also not make the slightest dent in the carapace of pure, adamantine vicious dumbass that protects Conservatives from reality.

However many, reasonable arguments you make, it won't matter.

To these profoundly failed men of the Right, drunk on the last dregs of the "Better Dead than Red!" popskull of their youth, the mere existence of Barack Obama is an existential threat to the republic so immediate and dire there is no method of bringing him down too Pyrrhic to use.

Nor will the President's calm, measured remarks budge a single member of the Both Sides Chorus so much as an inch. Because as long as there remains a buck to be turned preaching the gospel of False Equivalence, the high priests of the faith will continue to stick to their scripts and collect their blood money. Our newest stamp set. are hard at work and doing a darn good job. the elimination of a despised group by a government. H/T Western Rifle Shooters Association Democide: Socialism, Tyranny, Guns and Freedom Democide is the elimination of a despised group by a government. It includes genocide, politicide, and other forms of state-sponsored mass murder. The hated minority headed for extermination may be defined by religious, racial, political, class, cultural or other attributes. Hazy, overcast and light rain today. Partially clearing skies with hint of blue showing here and there. A bit of NW swell kicking in and ocean is relatively smooth. If you didn't overindulge on ham, deviled eggs, prime rib, chocolate bunnies and all the other Easter goodies, roll out of bed a get a few waves today. A contingent of surfers in the water hunting the leftover eggs / waves and finding a few to ride as well. Today it seems Bolinas beach and surf spots are a little tired and cloudy from such a busy weekend. In my opinion, it looked like a lot of work. Also, if you need to beat the crowds of this weekend and still cleanse your being with a wave on a longboard in a serene and peaceful setting, you could definitely do so at the channel today. There was a continued ebb and flow in violence in Iraq. Casualties have also widely fluctuated. Incidents regularly go up and down in Iraq for a number of reasons. Sometimes the Islamic State is fighting back against government offensives. Sometimes it picks up its terrorist campaign in Baghdad or its executions in Kirkuk and Salahaddin. This Ganesh Emporium Delicate Ivory Lace Necklace. A very dainty Ivory-creme lace necklace, lace flowers are connected using jump rings and attached to a very delicate antique brass chain and ends with lobster clasps. The lace flowers have tiny pearls sewn in the center. Instant jewelry gratification!This Casio Baby-G watch, available at Macy’s. Toodles + Binks DT CardI hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got lots of goodies. We had a fairly quiet time and luckily the little dears loved their pressies. My fabby new DT stamps from Toodles + Binks arrived this morning and I just had to nip upstairs and make a quick card. This is such a lovely stamp, the little dog is so cute. Hopefully I'll get time to make another card tomorrow using my other new stamp Adam. These fab Toodles + Binks stamps are available from Stamp Galaxy. SuppliesStamp: Toodles + Binks - Mark + MiloTools: Pro markers, SU RibbonDP: Crate Paper. I love rice noodles because you don't have to boil them - they cook in a bowl of hot water! So it's that much easier at the campsite. .