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As I pointed out in a recent post, James Clapper, the National Director of Intelligence, is pretty clearly guilty of perjury for lying under oath in Senate testimony. As I implied in that post, the chance that he will be charged with perjury, let alone convicted, is very close to zero.

The implication of that post was that this is a bad thing, but it isn't entirely clear.

To begin with, in a world of limited resources and very broad criminal law, the government cannot, in practice, prosecute every crime it has reason to believe exists. Obama, at various points in the past, strongly implied that people selling marijuana in ways consistent with state medical marijuana laws would not be targeted by federal law enforcement, although their activity was in violation of federal law.

In Clapper's case the arguments would be somewhat different—the federal government has, after all, devoted substantial resources in the past to prosecuting similar acts of perjury by prominent private individuals.

Refusing to answer the question would have made it reasonably obvious what the answer was. Do we want to jail loyal Americans for serving their country to the best of their ability—when doing so requires them to break the law? As it happens, I raised a closely related question in my second novel. I have not always agreed with the pronouncements of Sir Ian Gilmore but I have to say I think he is spot on with this one. It is a pity he could not have made it at the time when David Nutt said much the same thing. Field Report By FatBird AnthonyHappy FatBirds with LunarsLunar Trials with Team FatBird PacersThis morning was the start of the Lunar Trials with Team FatBird at ECP. Many people have called/sms-ed earlier to cancel their turnup because of the rain, but all the FatBird Pacers were there for our training, as well as try out the Lunar Trainers and Racers. Said hello to a few of the familiar ones, and then spotted Raven who mentioned the Lunar Trials shoes were there. “It’s just a colossal waste of money,” said B. J. “They’re not telling us what they’re really after. “I was observed twice this year, and it wasn’t a very pleasant experience,” he said. One issue, said Hansen, is that other fisheries required to be included in this program are being observed for two years, but the National Marine Fisheries Service is looking at doing Southeast Alaska over a period of six to eight years, because the area is so big and spread out. We went to the Riviera. Thanks to Pattinsonlife. Ng Yo Yocourtesy of on. ccXanadu Ng Yo Yo starred in the film LADY Z two nights ago held its premiere. Susan Shaw Yam Yam, Grace Lam Nga Sze and Uny Chiu were all no shows from the guest list. About her first lead role she said, "In one scene I had to puke up a pile of bugs. Although they were meal worms, it was pretty scary. At first I even screamed, but actors have to try to improve themselves. " LADY Z was only released for a day so few might have caught the audience's acting and wasted Xanadu's sacrifice for the arts. "Richard R. ". Here is the link to the PDF pattern, all test tatted by Clyde. Well guess what? It snowed. and it is no joke either. I woke up to the non sound. the non sound of no TV. Instantly I know it is either raining heavily or it is a heavy wet snow. I cannot hear it raining. I hate the dancing Direct TV logo that casts an eerie shadow on the floor…and the quiet. Seems like all we do for entertainment is sit in waiting rooms, lounging around waiting for our name to be called. What with my eyes and my shoulder. and then the regular appointments. Far Guy has to see the Neurologist every three months. You can never go wrong with a mini treat box for Christmas. This box was cut on the cricut using the Artiste Cartridge. Would you like to win your own Artiste Cartridge? Shop my " October I want to Win" party for your chance, you can find all the details here. It's that time, time to start on the St. Patricks day cards. Here for the next while you will be seeing lots of green. I really liked all the cards she featured, but had already finished all of my Valentine cards for the year. So I thought I would see if I could re create her cards in a St. Patricks day theme. My card is based on this card. Apparently, i saw this set of 'PLAY' tour photos which I never seen before. Thought of sharing with those who never seen them before too.

They're basically photos of her 'Bar-Girl' outfit.

I always catch people staring at me on the street. They usually think I'm some movie star that they know. I'm often mistaken for Cedric the entertainer or Seth Rogen. My friend took these shots of me recently and I can see why people approach me. I'm a dead ringer for Steve Carell or Tom Cruise or even Catherine Keener for that matter. Kids' guide to the tomb of PernebA rather good guided tour of the tomb of Perneb desgined for kids. Selected works of art from the Museum's extensive Egyptian art collection have been brought together to form a dynamic and content-rich resource for educators, students, and general viewers.

Remember, just like knitting, there is no single right way to spin.

If you wind up with a product you like and there are no injuries, property damages, or lawsuits filed, then you're doing it right. Woolen and worsted. Woolen yarns are spun with the fibers all jumbled around in the plies. I spin worsted yarns. ExternalClass. ExternalClass body. Blanco appeared in Jess Franco's PLAISIR A TROIS as the psychiatrist of Alice Arno's character and as an assistant to the police inspector played by Edmund Purdom in THE SINISTER EYES OF DR. ORLOFF. He passed away last Feb. His later career was mostly in the theater and on Spanish television, where he played the villain in the TV series EL SUPER. The Palazzo dei Cavalieri has some very impressive buildings bordering a very large square with a Medici statue in front of the palace above. Every project has a tipping point. And I hope I just met mine. The shredding truck showed up today to eat the thirty-six boxes of files from my ten years of private practice. Oddly, I felt no sense of loss. If I felt anything it was relief. Relief at not being forced to slip each page through a finicky personal shredder. Instead, a mechanism similar to a garbage truck fed bins of files into the shredder's maw. I now know te sound of masticating giants. The entire point of freedom is to protect the right of someone else to do something you think is stupid, or even wrong. One of the many things Paul inherited from his dad and grandpa was a loud sneeze. I went into the kitchen and there was Ben. He said, "Mom! You are not going to believe this! I was out at the picnic table and Dad went driving by in his pickup and I HEARD HIM SNEEZE!"Just then Amy came bustling downstairs. "Oh, Mom, you are NOT going to believe this! I was up in my room and Dad was driving by in his pickup and I HEARD HIM SNEEZE!"That was some sneeze. Hi there Unity friends. Karen here sharing with you on Design Team Tuesday!! Being that it is the first day of Fall, I thought I'd make a card featuring the "Summer Collapsed into Fall" KOTM! I definitely was inspired by the falling leaves and beautiful flowers captured in the designer papers. Want to take the Stampin Up challenge with me? They posted this challenge on our blog and the beautiful cards so I wanted to share them with you. Just a quick little card with my fave SU papers!! All items used are SU items, the stamped image has been twinkled up with some stickles glitter The Staped image was punched out and then layered up onto the rest of the cardHugsLisa xXx. Thank you to Cori from Planning with Printed Portal for this guest post. This is because it already contains my schedule and usually it will also contain a lot of the information that I might need to call upon or refer to in my meetings. After all, I use my Filofax to do my meeting preparation and my Filofax is likely to already contain my meeting notes from my previous meeting. In this post I am share a few key Meetings Pages in my current work Filofax. Meeting Preparation My meeting preparation varies depending upon my role in the specific meeting I am preparing for. Ok, so we are to share our favorite things. that is EASY!!Number one on my list are my boys!!And this boy, too!! My sweet westie Yogi!A quilting project in the works. From the Dallas Morning News: Sid Miller's foul tweet calling Clinton the c-word, and his lame excuses, embarrass Texas Texas Agriculture Secretary Sid Miller has done everything he can to signal that he's for Donald Trump in Tuesday's election. It began with a terribly vulgar tweet sent out under Miller's name on Tuesday afternoon that referred to Clinton as a four-letter c-word. Miller came under immediate fire, of course. What he did next reveals much about his character. It said "the disgusting re-tweet" had been removed. And alerted the world that his account had been hacked. one minute of wonderful! via The Right Way. Chief Justice, Members of the United States Congress, distinguished guests, and fellow citizens: Each time we gather to inaugurate a president, we bear witness to the enduring strength of our Constitution. We affirm the promise of our democracy. What makes us exceptional – what makes us American – is our allegiance to an idea, articulated in a declaration made more than two centuries ago: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. ” Today we continue a never-ending journey, to bridge the meaning of those words with the realities of our time. Happy Saturday, friends. Today, the Sketch For You To Try sisters are posting cards for our teammate Susan Liles. We would all love it if you, too, would use today's sketch to make a card for Susan! Her address is posted HERE on her blog and on Jen's blog today. For my card, I pulled out this super fun, whimsical Cuckoo set by Hero Arts. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. It's adorable and different from anything else I own. There are a bunch of really great sentiments, too. What a betting coup in the Suwannee at Gulfstream on Saturday. But still, most of the fillies and mares had far more to offer on their resumes. It was the kind of race which would have prompted fires in the garbage cans at Roosevelt back in the day. Yeah, sure, the conspiracist railbirds must be muttering.

Flag Bear Happy New YearThis little bear actually holds a blank flag that can be filled in with a greeting for whatever occasion you need.

Simply colour him in and then write or stamp your greeting in the space provided! I've done this one as a New Year's card, but below you can see some other bears who are sending out different messages. Give your bear a brightly coloured vest, party hat and whistle and add a "Happy Birthday" or "Congratulations" greeting to his flag. Dress him in green for a "Good Luck" or "St. Patrick's Day" card or add an all occasion greeting such as "For You" or "Best Wishes" and build up your stash. Have Fun!!. I've taken part in some marvellous events through the summer, but have also had a thoroughly lovely time at two events in the last few weeks. The first, well the first two, where at Fibre & Clay in Knutsford, where we held trunk shows on two separate days. The display tablesurrounded by knitwear and wool! We had lots of fun with everyone trying on the garments, hats and gloves etc and eating fabulous cakes and desserts all made by the owner, Riana. From this warm, cozy event we made the big decision to take a stand at the Knitting & Stitching Show in Alexandra Palace, London, probably the largest event of its kind in the UK.

In the end, we went.

Just the two of us, Gavin and I, which for a four day show plus a day setting up is hard work. In addition, in seeing the movie, who are we really supporting? The judgment is out there. .