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Start with a dot in the middle of the page. Draw tiger cheeks to the left and above the dot. Add nose and eyes. Before it’s too late. a List of Gifts Galore! For everyone, including ourselves. and go say hello at her blog, HERE. I took a glance at this blog today, something I rarely do. I write it, and post to it, but actually scrolling up and down it like a reader isn't something I do. What I saw made me so happy here on this snowy rock this afternoon. Outside the world is gray and bitter and the snow isn't stopping. But inside this little farmhouse with three rooms on the first floor, there is a wellspring of creativity! I see art, design, illustration, photography, music and prose. I see story telling and books and fiddle tunes being fought with around the edges.

It's such a nice change from posts of worry and fear, something I find myself doing when I make the mistake of focusing on all the frays on the quilt instead of the patches.

Last night I was working with Italics in the farmhouse. Sorry for the late post folks. But we would NEVER want to miss FRIENDS WITH FLAIR! we LOVE seeing what you do with your Unity stamps. And there are TWO adorable new kits. PLUS And of course. Today was bee day at Suzanne’s house! I finished sewing down the binding and attaching the label on my version of the Schnibble quilt for March just in time! The pattern was Bibelot! And I did not even realize until it was finished that I used the same exact fabric collection as Carrie herself!! Moda’s Curio by BasicGrey!! Such lovely calming fabrics! Wonderful! I just quilted it with a simple meander with white thread! My backing was a stash floral that matched perfectly! I already know who I am giving this quilt to for Christmas!! One gift done!! We are sooo coated with pollen here in northern VA that the pollen count has broken records! So, with my allergies and asthma, I am much better off in my sewing room than out gardening!! So, what are you sewing on this wonderful spring weekend???. This past weekend was our annual fall quilt retreat for Centreville Quilters Unlimited guild. We go to a rustic Baptist retreat center in Winchester, VA. We arrive after lunch on Friday and stay through lunch on Sunday. We sleep in bunk beds in cabins and the rest of the time we are sewing away in the main hall. This little Christmas wall hanging was made by my dear friend, Susan. I just love the lime green and teal blue in this Christmas fabric collection. Nice beach day with waves as well. Overcast and foggy but no wind and a very glassy ocean. A bit better surf conditions today with waves in the thigh to waist high range. Channel: Waves are mostly lefts and breaking in the waist high +. I'd like to make yet another observation about the recent interview with Jerry Walls: Observe how Jerry slides back and forth between God's goodness and God's universal love as synonymous concepts. Notice how that interjects a systematic equivocation into his argument. For him, to deny God's universal love is equivalent to denying God's goodness. Hence, if Calvinists have no intelligible way to make sense of how God loves everyone, they have no intelligible way to make sense of God's goodness. But the problem with casting his argument in those terms is that it confounds an internal critique of Calvinism with an external critique of Calvinism. You probably celebrate Mother's Day. And you probably get your mother flowers and other things you don't give your father on Father's Day. Bigot. Seriously, though, aren't we supposed to believe that there's no significant difference between the genders? Don't feminists, proponents of same-sex marriage, and other people often suggest that it's hateful, mean-spirited, or whatever to treat men and women as if they're significantly different? Most Americans support state recognition of same-sex marriage, yet the large majority of Americans support having distinct holidays to celebrate motherhood and fatherhood in distinct ways. And everybody or almost everybody who celebrates those holidays does so under the premise that mothers are females and fathers are males. It's not a matter of a two-men relationship, with one having the mother role and the other having the father role, for example. Hot guy for ball fun methinx. The bird was Alone and close to shore and was photographed several times. Ragi Shevige! I exclaimed as I spotted it on the shelves. Ragi is a locally grown millet so you are helping the farmers by buying it besides getting your power packed calcium dose. Though I had been introduced to Ragi or Nachani as it is known in Marathi early in life, it is rarely that we had it as part of our food. Here in Karnataka it is more ubiquitous. Keep a packet handy and give your day a jumpstart with Ragi Shevige Bhat for breakfast. You will need just your pantry staples. Enjoy quick and easy Middle Eastern food recipes and learn how to make Roasted Eggplant with Tomato Dressing. He makes the dish especially appealing by serving the eggplant whole and then topping it with an incredibly light tomato vinaigrette. Set the eggplants on a large rimmed baking sheet and pierce all over. Meanwhile, peel the tomatoes with a vegetable peeler. Working over a coarse sieve set over a bowl, cut the flesh from the tomatoes and transfer to a shallow bowl. i'm rather keen on this bandage-like wrap and will likely wear it beyond my apartment hallway someday. i am in serious procrastination mode and trying to ignore my messy apartment and the packing of messy apartment that must be done. little faces on their tote bag that remind me of a sweeter version of our old scribble pages that we used to play around on. Week four is about to begin in this huge house project. They are still hand sanding the siding in preparation to paint.

This week will be a nightmare because they are going to be replacing windows and runners which means not only will I have workers crawling all over the outside, they will be inside too.

Teddy will not be happy. I got the painters to give me some of the paint they are using and I am painting my little garden house to match the main house. I can't tell how Teddy is feeling. She slept all morning while I cooked, which she never does. She normally would be outside keeping an eye on things. I’m an alcoholic. I drank every day for twenty years. Half of that time I was trying to get or stay sober but I found it impossible. I couldn’t leave it alone. Like all of us, I am indefinable, but when I look back on my childhood – which has nothing whatsoever to do with my drinking - I can see both the seeds of my alcoholism, and of my recovery from it. As a boy, I had no doubt that there was a God, and that he had something very special in store for me. No, let me be honest here. I believed that I was put on this earth to teach you lot about yourselves. Special and different? Oh yes. I believed I was more intelligent than you, more capable than you, better looking, better dressed and funnier than you, and Right. "Justice is a property of acts. Just acts conform to certain rules, unjust ones violate them.

If we want to claim that a state of affairs, say, a particular distribution of material advantages, is an injustice, it is incumbent upon us to show that it results from unjust acts.

Otherwise, talk of injustice is just talk. This is where the problem of the identification of social justice as supposedly a branch of the general body of justice must be faced. .