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Constructed from die-cast aluminum with an Antique Brown finish with water drop style glass and door grates with roof and attached hanging loop, you can let it tabletop stand alone or hang from Deck or Patio. Hello folks. However, the episode I watched last night fell into some of the traps the media fall into all too often. This is my office today. Fargo Riders Reunion Ride: So, by the time you get your cuppa joe and sit down to read this I will be pulling on my gear and getting ready to roll out in the crisp morning air for a ride I've been excited about for months now. The ride I have dubbed as the "Fargo Riders Reunion Ride'. Now Jason, the ride coordinator and route finder, may have another moniker for it, or none at all, but if he does, I'll use his name. Otherwise this is the working title, y'all! I'm pretty excited to test out the Bar Yak System on a route that I have not much of a clue about. I doubt there will be much flat stuff, if memory serves, as I understand that we are going on a form of the old Rawland Route. I attended and rode in one of those rides back when they were being held. So, it will likely be mostly a new ride to me. see you all on Monday! found via Emma's designblog and residence magazine see more here. Fetish model and performer Miss Miranda models Fabulously Fetish footwear, shooting stills with Anna Swiczeniuk for Fabulously Fetish's new website.

Film shot and edited by Anthony Ratcliffe Films.

Music by Nine Inch Nails. Sarah Fermi and Bonnie Greer The Brontë Society website reports on this year's Brontë Society Conference on The Condition of England. Our conference theme was 'The Condition of England', and Juliet addressed the Brontë children's precocious absorption with the politics of their day, considering whether that passion really carried through into their adult lives. As ever, Juliet's argument was supported with minute and exhaustive research, on this occasion culled mainly from the juvenilia. It was a bold, thought-provoking and slightly provocative stance, ideal to lead off what was widely agreed to be our 'best ever conference', packed with stimulating, original and exciting research, and introducing some new faces likely to be key Brontë scholars of the future. Novelist and critic Bonnie Greer, the Society's President, gave a rousing and emotional speech at Saturday's dinner, urging us to remember that 'We're Brontë, and no-one else is!' And Society Chair Sally McDonald was also on hand, as ever, to greet members, presiding over proceedings with customary calm and good humour to set the tone for the whole weekend. Results from this survey have been reported before. The survey also enquired whether physicians had requested such items. Live at Alias Books in West L. A. Part of New Texture Nights. Here are a couple more cards made with the Bayberry line by Pink Paislee and the Artisan tape! I love these colors for spring! I seem to have a thing for yellow lately. Punched out some butterflies from the houndstooth paper and used the negative of the paper. I used one of the Bayberry Cottage die cuts on the top for a fun little accent. On the second card, I folded the Artisan tape into a flower! It sticks as you fold it, so it was really easy to create. My sleep is all messed up. In another I wandered around picking up dog poop. In another I had so many ottomans/footstools in the house that I had them in every room. oh maybe I already do…but I had more and some were really ugly. A first-place tie in the Central Minnesota Conference was busted up tonight when the two leaders met in our home gym.

I thought it was a very entertaining and fun game to watch.

It was difficult to see the Jaguars lose. Central Minnesota Conference girls' basketball scores on Feb.

If you like the Dubs and the Finals excitement you haven't been disappointed either.

Viewers were treated to KGO's M-F weekday news anchor team with Dan Ashley and Ama Daetz along with the obligatory blimp shots over the scene. Great scene setters. Later, after the game, KGO immediately went live with its post-game show starring Larry Beil, Mike Schuman, Nate Thurmond and Adonal Foyle. I gather she knows where all the bodies are buried. Untitled by liza dedova. In actuality, it really doesn't seem like too many to me. Maybe it's because GOD has given them to me one at a time so that I've had time to adjust. the brands… ruffle red cardigan: INC. brack ruffle oxford: express. pants: macy’s. shoes: bcbg. I may be aging myself… but who remembers those kid magazines from the dentist or doctor’s office that had the almost-identical pictures where you had to find the things that were different from one picture to the other? If you do, then look above and find the difference! It’s an easy one . it had snowed last night and was starting to rain. so i had to clear the driveway somewhat so I could get out and before it got so heavy and freeze. Hubby is still not able to shovel heavy stuff - so I am in charge LOL! I haven't shoveled in years! I mean. Rights are nice, but someone has to pay the bills. The Play's the Thing. In Chicago, a fourth man has been charged with planning to make Molotov cocktails , but – like so much else in this adventure – it is unclear if he was linked to the three remaining under arrest from an earlier police raid. The cops claim the trio they planted evidence on were making or planning to make firebombs out of beer bottles with bananas bandanas as fuses. The Cook's County state's attorney claims that a mortar, knives and a hunting bow were also seized. The case, like so many others, also has a couple of helpful undercover policemen, who were egging their hapless targets along by promising them jellied gasoline. Some things in Mexico could not be better. Other things are not quite so good. Here is one example. I was chatting with my realtor this afternoon about the legal process for selling Mexican real estate.

For someone who teethed on the Anglo-Saxon deed recording system, the Mexican process can cause a few jitters.

But it works. Deeds matter. But getting there does not bother me. these two things have made me happy today:the little blue roses that i've bought this morningwhen i was looking for the mother's day presents,and the new creation of Chris Ware, via Gabriel. As the heating system for the wings is gas fired, having it set up to shut down as soon as the fire alarm isactivated seems to be a good idea. In theory. Those who have graced these portals will instantly realise the flaw - that cons will sometimes hit the fire alarm out of mischief, boredom or to distract staff while they pick up a parcel of illicit goodies from the perimeter. Surprisingly, no one is suggesting that maybe the governor is creeping around setting the alarms off just to save on his heating bill!. D. I am so thankful you are joining us! What a week we have had. And share with us your thoughts regarding week one, "I Am Chosen". I am praying for you and look forward to reading how this study is impacting your heart. This week, would you make some time and pray for the author Tammie Head? Let's thank God for her obedience to write and her willingness to pour out her heart. I am getting up from here and headed to start week two homework! Let's keep pressing in even when it gets tough. I was mowing the lawn yesterday afternoon listening to the adventures of Claire and Jamie in Paris, and enjoying the work of it when I stopped to notice the grass. Or rather, noticed the lack of it. Don't be mistaken, there was plenty of green below my feet, but three summers of chickens, geese, ducks, rabbits, turkeys feeding and opposite-feeding on it have created a whole new world. There's a whole new type of lawn below my boots. Now where there was once just domesticated lawn grass there are clovers, timothy, fescues and legumes. What was once a chemically treated and seeded bit of living astroturf has changed into bonefide pasture.

It is a result of the work of seed, manure, and natural lack of sprays and artificial inputs has created something very different than a lawn here.

When I was done outside, it was hard to tell. All mowed down it is uniform and even, it appears to be suburban curb appeal. But when it starts to grow from rain and sun things seed and flower and leaf out. When I started making cards years ago a friend of mine told me that she loved my CAS style…I had no idea what it meant so I looked it up…Clean and Simple…which definitely describes my cards and projects which I can’t wait to share with you all…" Check out her great project this week: Be sure to swing on by Wynne's blog each day this week for loads of great Unity inspiration and ideas and your chance to win some Unity goodies!. Here's the blurb:Before the thorns taught me their sharp lessons and bled weakness from me I had but one brother, and I loved him well. But those days are gone and what is left of them lies in my mother's tomb. Now I have many brothers, quick with knife and sword, and as evil as you please. We ride this broken empire and loot its corpse. They say these are violent times, the end of days when the dead roam and monsters haunt the night. All that's true enough, but there's something worse out there, in the dark.

Much worse.

Rich pickings for pedants and it seems the two words are remarkably similar in meaning and use. Preventive as I understand is the earlier Adjective to prevent with the alternative of preventative gaining ground in a world where posturing and using of larger words is current fashion. Now many use either word when referring to the criminal sentence in NZ law where the convicted is subject to an indeterminate sentence with more chance of continued incarceration that is allied to protection of society. With admission of offending, change in attitudes and behaviours, intense scrutiny by Psychiatrists in preparing for parole and a more flexible system for those so sentenced. as to parole chances. The legislation uses the word Preventive Detention so that seems to be best when referring to the sentence while in fact in describing the actual sentence it can be either word. Fertile soils for debate though and where is good old Max Cryer where that sort of thing was a speciality and provided many hours of interesting speculation on the wireless but currently not on stations I listen to. Is Max still around?. First snowman of the year. And it's January!. Wait! Before you shed a tear for our lost opportunity to draw together. the story has a happy ending. Instead of life drawing, on Hank's last night in town we hit Remington's - Toronto's classiest Male strip club.

There we endured.

Carolyn Murphy. Cameron Diaz in V. The wait is over for Reverse Confetti's January release! All of the new product the Confetti Crew has been featuring all week is now available.

Today, we celebrate with a New Release Blog Hop.

If you're already hopping with us, you should have arrived from new Confetti Crew member Amy Tsuruta's blog. My first project today is a root beer bottle dressed up for Valentine's Day and sporting a tag made with the new SQUARE TAG Confetti Cuts and a sentiment from SUGARY SWEET SENTIMENTS. I love how festive a simple soda bottle can be with just a few quick additions! First I wrapped some pink/red/white baker's twine around the neck of the bottle a few times, then tied on a paper straw, finishing off with a bow.

I cut the SQUARE TAG out of vellum, then heat embossed the sentiment in white.

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a great week so far. It's Jenn from Jax Bean Stalks. This week I used one of my favorite patterned ribbons. I just LOVE chevron and will always by partial to this pattern. Mo El Moussawi?. Brian is renowned for his tearaway riding style, then as now, and the loss of a leg hasn't slowed him down a bit. Full history and photos will be posted here when the bike is finished. Watch this space!. .